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10/22/2005 4:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Have you ever wanted to do things that were really dirty or scary? Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in what you fear the most?

I have always been interested in the unknown, in my fears. I have always wanted to be taken forcefully, to be kidnapped and .
I have always wanted to be face to face with a sexual predator.
I have always wanted to be made a sex slave. To be made to grovel for your sexual pleasure.
Is this wrong? To be wanted? To be treated like a slut? Does every girl secretly want these things? Can I be your ƒuck slave? Would you ƒuck my mouth and come all over my face?
I want to know what it feels like to be treated like a ƒuck thing and nothing else. I want to get rid of all of these preconceived ideas I have about what is "right" and what is "wrong" and I want you to be the one who teaches me. Do you think you could do that?
I want for you not to love me or even care about me, I just want you to ƒuck my pussy for need and not want.
I want to be abused and mistreated. I want you to know me and teach me to not want or need.
I want you to love your wife and ƒuck me in your car. I want you to eat my pussy and I want sleep in your bed with your wife. I want to give your wife pleasure while you watch. I want to do for you only when you want it. I want you to call me on a weekday and demand for me to suck you off so you can relax after work. I want to bath your wife and shave her legs and pussy and lotion her down before you come home for work and suckƒuck her pussy so she is real wet when you get home [so she is ready for your big dick].

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