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5/6/2006 5:52 pm

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to funny but not

well we all know the illegal immigrants tried to show we need them last monday . but all it did was piss everyone off we don't need them and president bush has devised a plan of action to rid the country of this law breaking scum and appointed VP Dick Chaney to head up the effort he has given Chaney a 12-Gage shotgun and unlimited ammo and unlimited hunting rights to to show this scum the american way of hunting

this is only a joke about Chaney shooting these people but we do need to push washington to make more of an effort to rid our great nation of this scum i have no problem with people coming here legally but have you ever thought about the illegal ones why they came here the way they did it wasn't due to the lack of money the great majority of these people have committed crimes in mexico the reason the U.S will not allow them to come though the proper channels and come into the country but think of the unemployed americans out of work right not do to no jobs trust me i have been in this situation be for and there wasn't a job i wouldn't do to feed my family i have done everything from fast food $5.15/hr to farm labor $3 per hr to what i am doing now making about $75,000 a year bring home have we become such a political correct nation that we will let some group from another nation run the way we live our life in my humble opinion this is a for f terrorism the same as binladden and alquida i hope this strikes a nerve in each and everyone of you and maby this will do some good

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5/6/2006 7:42 pm

The whole illegal immigrant situation is very upsetting to me, too!

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