Looking back at love, quite literally  

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8/16/2005 9:31 pm

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Looking back at love, quite literally

I swear I breath for just one reason: God's little blessings.

Just got back from the corner store. I picked up some water, Dr. Pepper, and some smokes (you know, the essentials). 2 girls work at that convenience store this time of night. One's a MILF and the other is just the sweetest little thing. Both smile at me and flirt whenever I come in.

Anyway, so I pay for my things and say goodbye. I walk out to my car, and who's riding shotgun in a car at a gas pump but my ex-girlfriend. She's with this overweight guy who looks like he just got out of fat camp and she's staring at me like I'm the second coming of christ or something.

Granted, I'm in better shape now than I was when I was with her. And I'm wearing my buccaneers Muscle shirt. So, I'm looking casually hot. (I hate to be conceited, but the moment allows it).

I open my car door, look back just to make sure it is her, laugh a little, get in and drive off.

Nothing needed to be said.

She was one I swore I'd never write about. I promised myself I'd just forget her (it was that bad). But seeing her with her loser boyfriend, ogling me, just makes me smile.

Who's heart is broken now?

Mood: Vindicated

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