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7/22/2005 4:54 pm

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It feels so good to be baaack!

So . . . life's been pretty crazy lately.

Y'all go to public school? Show of hands.

Ok, those of you that did, did you feel prepared for the world when you left home? How long was it before you realized that you weren't?

That's funny.

Anyway . . . So, I flew the nest about 4 months ago now, and I am finding out some crazy shit about this world we live in.

This is one fucked-up place. I always knew that was true, somehow. Probably because the TV told me so.

But now I know for real.

I finally understand why knowledge was a curse from God, and not a blessing.

I finally understand why people look back at childhood so fondly, even though being a kid sucked.

And I'm learning to laugh at tragedy.

I think one has to.


No, we're never gonna survive
We get a little crazy

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