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9/28/2005 10:21 am

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a psychologist friend of mine told me that over half of the women she sees think their husband is gay.
Men are supposed to want to have sex all of the time, and if they don't, well.....
For some men (myself included) when the relationship fizzles emotionally, it goes to hell sexually. Believe it or not, there IS a link between the penis, the brain and the heart. (nothings been proven of course...)
Sex becomes like a duty, and that duty becomes more onerous as the relationship deteriorates. Right now, whenever we attempt sex, its purely mechanical for both of us. Whats the point, then?
I dont want to have sex with someone who thinks they 'have' to do it.
I suppose it comes to a point in a failing marriage or other long term relationship where you have to either chuck the accumulated resentment (how do you do that?) or call it quits.
An extra-marital affair just reminds me of how good it can be.

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