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9/22/2005 10:03 am

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9/22/2005 10:23 am

Is it just me or are there problems with this site? First off, what the fuck good are winks? Nobody ever responds to them. Instead of winks, they should call them blinks. They are about as noticed as a blink. Second, how in the hell can you tell if someones profile is full of shit? I mean, are all the girls that are fine on this site just models for the profiles? It seems like most of the profiles with extremely good looking girls are the main ones I have this problem with. When I do write them they almost never respond. I'm sure those profiles get every swinging dick writing them, but still. I know I'm no Mark Twain and I may not be Brad fucking Pitt but damn, I got a fucking J.O.B. and I make damn good money. LOL. I do try and write a decent introductory email. Should I assume that they got my email and are just blowing me off? Or could it be they never got it to begin with? When I do happen to get a response, it's an email telling me that I should write them at there other email address which they have sent me. When I do write to them at the other address, I often get another response telling me that if I want to find out more about them I have to go to some other pay site. Fuck that, I'm not doing it. Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, did you go thru with paying for the other site and actually get ahold of the person you wanted to get a hold of? I am real curious about that one.

So this wink and email counter that is on each profile kind of helps but it's not right and it doesn't let you know if they actually rec'd the email that you have sent. It just keeps tabs of how many may have been sent back and forth. For example, I winked someone and sent them an email. I never heard from them. As normal, a few days later I ended up back on that persons profile and I see it says that they winked me back, yet on my main profile page it says I have no winks. Am I doing something wrong? I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Anyone have any advise or info on this?

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9/27/2005 1:06 am


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