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If you have never seen anyone make molasses, you should give it a whirl. Even if all you do is stand there a while and eat a sugar cane stick while you watch.

After the sugar cane is harvested, it is stripped of its leaves and crushed or mashed to get its juices out. The juices are then boiled until it has reached an appropriate consistency. The results of this first boiling is called first molasses. Relatively little sugar is extracted from this and it is very sweet. It is then boiled a second time to get second molasses. More sugar is extracted and the resulting molasses has a bitter sweet flavor. Additional boilings produces black strap molasses. Mostly sugar, but is a source of calcium, magnesium, and iron. One tablespoon provides up to 20 percent of the daily value of each of those nutrients.

I love the flavor of molasses and I use it to complement the flavor of many things. I also like to consume the byproduct of molasses fermentation, Rum.

If you have not tried molasses, I highly recommend it. The flavor is most pleasurable and it has minerals that are good for you. Eat it every chance you get.

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