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I Like to Talk

It has been a while but I have read, "The life and Times of Heidi Abromovitz." I know it may not interest most men, but Joan Rivers brings this girl to life.

More to the point. I am not looking for gripers and complainers. I am looking for people who have enjoyed both the ecstasy and the humor that comes with cuddling up with someone.

I will tell you mine and if you want to, you can tell me yours. Please, no names. They might read it and get mad.


One night after a party at college I went back to my room with my date and started out with some innocent kissing. The skin on her neck was salty and sweet. I began to kiss along her shoulder and the strap of her dress slipped of. I then began to kiss along her clavicle, across her chest and back to the other shoulder. That strap fell away as well. She pushed me away for a moment and the backless dress fell to her hips. I began kissing her salty sweet breast. Sucking on each hard nipple until it was wet. I then pulling away slightly, drawing in a breath that made the cool air rush in from every direction. She moaned softly with each breath I took and then pushed my head with one hand and hiked her dress up with the other hand. She then grabbed my head and guided my mouth to the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever had the pleasure of licking and sucking.

I ate her until I could feel the muscles of he inner thigh begin to quiver and soon her body began to undulate with the waves of an orgasm.

Unfortunately, she did not want to let me complete the task. She was afraid of getting pregnant. I respected that. About a year later, we were in her dorm when she grabbed some blankets
and we went out to the baseball field and set up on the first base line. Her only comment when we were through was, "I should have done this last year!"

From that day on we did it well and often. We were never boyfriend and girlfriend, but she was the best and only fuck buddy I have ever been with.

Can't Believe it, But its Funny Now!

Mixers are also great places to meet girls. That is where I met this young lady. She was freshman pledge, about 5'5", curly brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, nice petite body with attributes, and a smile that made you walk across the room to meet her.

We danced and talked most of the evening. I guess I monopolized her time, but she did not do anything to discourage me. At the end of the mixer, the pledge trainer for her sorority was rounding up the young ladies to protect their virtue. Before my young lady left me she whispered in my ear, "Where is your dorm room?"

Fortunately, I had a private. I whispered the location in her ear and took a little nibble of her earlobe. She moaned softly.

Needles to say, I did not hang around to help clean up. That is what pledges are for. I went up to my room. I had to shove everything into my closet.

About 10:30, there was a knock at my door. There she stood. We picked up where we left off. I put on a Heart album (showing my age) and I just happened to have a bottle of wine and some cheese in my fridge.

There she was sitting on my bed, sipping wine, eating cheese, and it was late. We started kissing and it progressed to mutual nibbling. I reached to touch her breast and she moaned as I did. Soon we were taking clothes of and having a most pleasurable time. Then came the bombshell.

While she was laying on top of me grinding her pelvis against my erection and I hit the spot where I'm about to slip in, she stops and says, "I'm a virgin."

I said, "I'll be gentle. You control how fast we go."

She started to ease down and there was no going any further. Nada, nicht, nil. It wasn't going to happen.

This embarrassed her and I told her not to worry about it. She stayed the rest of the night and we kissed and cuddled. We see each other now from time to time, and she ask me if I have gotten tight lately. We both laugh and no one else knows what we mean.

She finally overcame her difficulty, but it required surgery. I hope that one day we might get to finish what we started.

Let me know what you have experienced!!!!!

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