Another night of hot sex!  

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6/5/2006 5:18 am

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Another night of hot sex!

Friday night we were supposed to meet with a lady friend in Deadwood. We had met her online at AdultFriendFinder. That afternoon we found out she wouldn't be able to meet with us. Damn! I'd been thinking about it all day.

We decided to still go out. We went to a club in Rapid City. We hung out there for awhile. We flirted with the ladies and then went for a drive.

We drove up to Dinosaur Park. That's a big hill overlooking Rapid City. Nature called, so we found a nice secluded area and took care of business. We walked back to the car and started making out. The next thing you know I have her pants down to the ground. I turned her around and pushed her chest onto the hood of the car. Then we fucked. It was a great view!

After we finished, we went home. We turned on the computer and fired up the webcam. We fucked some more. "Honey, there's about fifty people watching me fuck you", I said.

"Oh God, that turns me on", she whispered.

Then the number climbed. 80, 100, 120, 150, 170!

By that time we were both so aroused that we came together, waved goodnight to the camera and went to sleep.

You've got to love AdultFriendFinder!

SirMounts 102M

6/16/2006 6:52 am

Welcome to blogging, 3wayinSD. *smiling*

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