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2/17/2006 4:41 pm

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First entry

Gosh. A couple days here and I find myself wondering, 'What am I doing here?' Okay, obviously, expressing myself sexually. And this IS a sex site...right? I'm starting to wonder, at times.

The profile. Yeah, well you have to ask, right? I've always been a very sexual person as long as I can remember. And I have to admit that my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I find myself single, and this really is the best situation in which to explore such things. I've heard too many horror stories of couples that have experimented, only to have their world crash around them afterwards for various reasons. So, single it is and I am.

It's just that the thought & idea of a MFF threesome just won't leave me alone. The thought of being face-to-face with a similar-minded lady and going down on someone is the most erotic thing I can think of. Yeah, I know...some fantasies are actually better left fantasies, but I'm not so sure this is one of them. I'm a little picky, though, and I'm not sure if that is realistic. I like warm, personable people and I know I could never do the whole swinging scene. It would have to be with people that I would like to have as friends. Oh! I think I may just be over thinking this...

I've written a couple of likely people with no response. But, if like other dating sites, I know that women get 1 50-1 ratio of letters vs. letters sent. And, in the same way, the ones who 'win' if you will are the more aggressive ones; people who know exactly what to say to get the attention they want. I've never been one of those people.

Chat rooms. Wow...they're tough. It's like any other chat room anywhere; ten percent of the people are active, know each other, have their little circles of friends that they meet here regularly. The rest? I wonder about them. Are they shy? Don't know what to say? Unsure, given the more outspoken nature of those who do hold sway? I wonder about them as I sit there waiting for some kind of opportunity to say something. Maybe the site needs more rooms, because it can be overwhelming at times. But, I wonder if someone just said 'Hi' to them if they wouldn't poke out of their shells and say 'Hi' back. So, I have taken to saying Hi to people as they enter. sometimes they say Hi back; sometimes they just ignore anything from anyone they don't already know or recognise.

At any rate, I do find myself wondering, 'What am I doing here?' I think the $$ was a waste, and that maybe I should have just stayed away. It's not really a social situation where someone like me does well. I'm not aggressive; I don't have 'WOW!' pics. Whatever attraction I have is something best discovered on a more personal and intimate level. Certainly not competing with more aggressive guys with 'WOW!' pics.

At any rate, time will tell.

Still...the geometric/physiological/sensual possibilities tease me...and you never know unless you try...

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