"waterfall" - a reenactment  

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4/18/2006 1:18 pm
"waterfall" - a reenactment

I touch the yielding pink
And within it my fingers disappear
As does my tongue
My mouth closes over it
And gently tugs at its lips
Bottom and top
Inner and outer
I nuzzle closer
To drink
To lap up
Drink your juice
Fluid runs down my mouth
Along my neck
Puddle into the indentions of my shoulders
My fingers that divide you are awash
And I happily drown in your flood
Your sex waterfall
I taste and taste and taste
Then pull away to breath
Again I go under
Tracing my tongue in every crevice
On every vulnerable pink spot
I push my kiss
Busy my hands
Moving on all of you
Pushing my fingers
Into your mouth
Across your cheeks
Through your hair
Feel myself solidify
Push through the soft sheets I am naked in
You wipe my back with my own sweat
Curl my hair in the strength of your fingers and yank
Snatch me into yours
Your waterfall pours
Then with a fierce movement
You move your mouth on mine
“Let me taste me,” you whisper
“I want my come”
You groan, “Like I want your come right here,”
And you put your finger in your mouth
You suck on it like it is me already
Then your fingers slide down my shoulders
Down my chest
Across my abdomen to dally with my belly button
Take me rigid
Point me to you
I am pulsating
We slide together
I keep my fingers between us
To finger our flow
Taste our waterfall
I lick my fingers
I drink and drink
I push and pull
You move and grind
I cup my hands
Pull it for you to taste
You spit it back into my mouth
I swallow happily
Our bodies splashing together
You in downpour
Between your teeth you grip my ear
“Can I ride you now?” you ask
“You never have to ask,” I say between breaths
We stay coupled
While you climb me
Find your mount
Lodge me deeper
You spring against me
Your nipples in my eyes
Against my tongue
“Fucking suck them!” you command
I obey
And I pull at your breasts with my lips
Roll my tongue in circles
Pretending I am drinking them
You bounce harder
And my body reacts
Inside you grow tense
Your body sucks on me
Fluid motions that drench me
As you close around my cock
When you buck upwards
You take me with you
“Oh god, I am going to come,” you barely get out
Then your body clamps around me
You swell
I feel your heart pumping blood
Through your inner thighs
The waves crash through you once
You are quiet
And the third time comes
And you completely collapse
I fold my arms about you
Kiss your flushed neck
Whisper in your ear,
“You are beautiful,”
I suddenly feel the air cold
Mixing with our waterfall
Stretching my big toe down the length of the bed
I pull the blanket up and over us
To keep our waters warm

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