"to bliss and beauty" - a poem  

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4/15/2006 6:58 pm
"to bliss and beauty" - a poem

Bed sheets mothering us in its cocoon
With strands of hair on my lips, your lips, her lips
I push them out of your way
Her way
You kiss her and I watch
I learn
How you coil your tongue when you push it out to trace hers
The way your eyes roll backwards when you are being touched by two of us
Groups of fingers converging across the line in your back
Across the orb of your breasts
Down your thighs
To your toes
And they curl
As we are on top of you together
Tips of fingers in your mouth
You suckle and bite
In my mouth I lay:
Your shoulder blade
Your earlobe
As your mouths drink from each other
Our bodies warm and wet
Tangled together
And so I learn
How to truly kiss a woman
By a woman
What it means from a woman to touch
To pleasure
And be pleasured
If a future lover ever asks
How did you learn to make love like that?
How did you know to touch me that way?
I will tell her
I learn
From Bliss and Beauty

My secret names for the both of you

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