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5/8/2006 9:07 am

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Well it's just about 2am. What a night! I met up with my new friend (not my girl, as someone else try to put it) at about 11:15, had a couple of drinks and by 12 am we were walking on the beach in Tumon. Well not exactly walking, cuz I always carry a comforter in my vehicle, she had to ask, why? We did not fuck!! What a bitch (not her, that we didn't screw)! At least I know she can suck dick! I wanna ring some security guard's neck tho.. flashing a light on us,like he had nothing better to do, kinda scared her away an we went our seperates ways after that. Just thought I'd let U know.


rm_element_e 36M
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6/5/2008 8:07 am

lol..whoa i def know the feeling - port police caught me right in the middle of the act -and like you had a stinkin flashlight on us the whole time . it was a mixture of feelings the feeling that i got caught and the fact that i got caught by

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