soon come soon come  

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5/2/2006 5:09 pm
soon come soon come

We all have to risk, put faith and hope in front of reason, for me its been hard work, I loved and have been loved in spite of that reason and ultimately the experience has faltered because the original stifled reason; shows through ( rolling eyes, robotic moves...!!!! ) I know them all. It's hard work its a full time preoccupation, anyone who says it isn't hasn't been in love or is in an anodyne sterile relationship governed by fear of not having a relationship..It should by hard work constantly examining and predicting your loves journey, as well as your own whilst maintaining Independence and vibrancy in your own life that is hard work. But it is a beautiful fulfilling task one that increasingly becomes more joyous.

So often I see people in acceptance of each other, justified and shored up by each others correct actions and sentence endings, my love was nothing like that in fact the sheer turmoil of not knowing what came next fueled our journeys forward. maybe this is just me maybe I'm destined to have explosive connections all or nothing pacts. they never last ...not I might add due to my lack of work, more because I always try to afford freedom to all my partners and eventually that freedom, intoxicates and releases the latent desires that they have yet to achieve and experience. So tearfully I wave good bye whilst thinking myself lucky for the part of the journey we walked together.

I briefly touched what parenthood could be and see unconditional love within it, I imagine all my fine ideals would be tested in that eventuality, but I feel the same rules apply to your children all at once being part of the creation and owner whilst fighting a line between protection and experience. For them to be whole they have to fly so they can come back.

The truth will out, you see out of the blue, will come a touch you will have to trust, one that nurtures caresses your soul and beyond your reason proclaims a simple truth that love does still exist and its welcoming you in. And whats a girl to do, just as you are being open to possibility, let chance, karma find you. all you find in looking and hunting is what you deserve and not what you need....oh hark at him, I sound like such a suck....I know you know this maybe I'm retelling mesen...anyway its blog innit....whatever is said as long as its shared makes sense somewhere. So I'm in my bed lonely ...happy....just....but lonely and in need of all I have spoken of yet again I say to myself soon come soon come all me huggy, snuggly, strong, warm juv me XX

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