so the same thing continues  

3d60 48M
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4/21/2006 3:11 pm
so the same thing continues

I get a reply ( hurrah ) oh they've put their email again ( doh ) now the email gods have got me........

" lets bounce it back so he looses all contact ...yes let's .....but we always do that .....yhea its great innit.....yhea.....look there he goes trying to get back in contact when shes beeen eradicated ....hahahahaha.....we doned it again "

so what do I do, warn everyone who contacts me that I'm a email black hole, a contact pit of non return. I can't do that it would sound so crap first immpressions and that......boollloooocccckkkkkssssss

Got winked at again, what you do then, the last time for me was in thailand, where wandering down a street i turned to my then girl friend and said

" yer thay taint arf freindly in these parts, dey is all smileling and winking at me....Andy they are prostitutes....wot even the men...Yes they all are and most of the girls are men.....oh........."


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