I dimly remember comming together  

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3/23/2006 4:50 pm

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I dimly remember comming together

Oh the tension, racked up through my body, a growing singlemindedness the journey having been exercised the release builds. First the hips shake, my stomach tightens, the pulseing runs up and down my torso and cock, that throb deep inside triggers you to come again and i charge pushing ever closer to the limit of my resolve to hold on. steadily everything slows and becomes white, just out of sight my comming comes, as if out of my control. the realse drains my entire body I collapes in to you deeper writhing and pumping with our orgasm flooding all over us.

I often see it as a wave that climbs and crashes on to the beach, the satisfying sucking shifting sound as the water receeds prepearing for the next crash echoes in me, and a red mist decends, if i let it; it will utterly disable me rendering me a gibbering soft wreck, my whole shape becoming the release a mental and physical cleansing but you want more, so through the debillitating fuzziness my digits press on, remotely satisfying your needs and desires, until the physical shock of touch renders you as equally pillow like....juv me XX

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