Explosive hope falling  

3d60 47M
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8/6/2006 4:17 pm
Explosive hope falling

I'm surrounded by the witches of my past
And the souls of my present
Above me fly rockets reaching places I cannot go
Each trail of sparks and acceleration
Further pushes me in to the mortal soil
Trapped am I by expectations and skyward wishes
I can't hear the bangs only distant muted thumps reach me
I can only see a slow dance of explosive hope falling slowly
I see too much in their glittering trails
A summer gone, a flash of want in her eye
Their progress slowed by my caged imagination
They pick a path that drifts across my upward turned retinas
And wild the witches prowl on the final turnings of the day
They play around my feet kicking up feelings as freely as sparks
That from the fire race ever higher to escape the licking flame
To fizzle in a blaze of glory and be free.
like me they are on the edge of present time
All my possible futures warm me
In the intense red glow of embers my souls embrace me
On this magic intense night.

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