BANG! CRASH! POP! We've been tagged!  

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3/27/2006 12:03 am

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BANG! CRASH! POP! We've been tagged!

Dang that hurts!

Okay, 6 wierd things about us, and tag 6 others.

Here goes

1)T loves waffles and pancakes with just gobs of butter and crunchy peanut butter on them. (coronary anyone?)
2)D's dog bites T on the ankle when he gets frisky with her.
3)We all used to like people watching in large crowds, now none of us can stand being around large groups of people.
4)T can tell you an actor's movie credits when they see them on screne, but can't tell what the name of musical groups he hears are, except for the really famous ones.
5)R and T can't be told apart in the dark
6)T's cat is totally obsessed with D's naked breasts, and has to be locked out of the bedroom or put outside when they play at his house.

You have just been tagged. Post 6 wierd or odd things about yourselfin your blog and tag 6 other people.

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