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Hilarious Mental Pictures

My husband and I had put off buying a new vacuum cleaner for too long. Tonight, we decided to hit consumerreports dot com to research a good unit. We came up on this review of the Electrolux EL7020A Oxygen 3 Ultra Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Full review

I purchased this less than a year ago. I used it very infrequently (lucky enough to have a housekeeper) yet already it is falling apart. It squeals and squeaks terribly. It has this really dumb "feature" that drives me nuts. The handle will turn 180 degrees to the right before turning the head, but it does not do this on the left. As a result, when cleaning, if you have to turn right, then you have to twist your hand all the way over. I have blisters and a twisted wrist after every use. Never had that before!

The on/off switch is on the base so if your are under the bed with the wand in your hand and you happen to mistakenly grab the curtains, a piece of jewelry, the cat, whatever, you cannot quickly turn it off. Sorry kitty!

The worst part is that it advertises "on board attachments." Yeah right! On board in the sense that every time you use it, you have to go into to the closet, pull out the attachments, then pull out the gadget that fits on the back of the vacuum to hold the attachments and then choose a couple you want to drag around with you. If you choose the larger attachments then you will chip the walls, chair legs, and everything else in your house as the attachments stick out badly and constantly clank into things. And don't think about storing it with this bloody thing on it, the attachment doohickey goes on the bottom/back so that if you tried to store it that way, you couldn't set the vacuum upright. I miss my old vacuum that had the attachments INSIDE the vacuum where they belong. I have carpets and stone floors so because the attachment attachment is so hard to use, I have to stick the large floor attachment in the waistband of my pants as I go from room to room.

Oh, and those attachments don't work very well either. Hard to get into the nooks and crannies. Ok, so you say, just take all the attachments off and use the wand itself - something I would normally do, alas, on this devilish machine it is very difficult to get the wand to pull out of the carpet power head. I have tried stepping on it from every angle, and it really wants to have two feet, one on each side, to push down on the release. I have yet to figure out how to use both of my feet to do this maneuver. (Thoughts of my old pogo stick days dancing in my head).

The only good thing is that is has fairly good suction, but then my old vacuum was 24 years old, and I would guess the industry in general has made good strides in this area. For all the headaches, this is really not worth it.

Honestly, I don't like vacuuming that much to begin with, so I really don't want one that will injure me while I use it (blisters from the wand flopping to the right, twisted wrist from the same, at least one banged head as I jump out from under the bed to turn the thing off, and always a smashed hand as I wrestle with the wand trying to get it out of the power head. I swear I can hear it laughing at me.

On top of all of this, it doesn't even leave pretty vacuum lines in the carpet. Two of the wheels always leave more of an indentation, so the rug looks like a roller derby just came through. Call me crazy, but I like the vacuum lines in the carpet. This one just makes the carpet look terrible.

P.S. the vacuum cleaner bags are a fortune, I had to pay nearly $8.00 in shipping and handling charges (for 4 of them mind you) and you can only get them from Electrolux. They take 10 to 15 BUSINESS days to arrive, that's three weeks to you and me. They also went up in price 20% in the one year I have owned it. What will they hit me with next year.

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