Visit #3 to the club  

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3/13/2006 6:28 pm

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Visit #3 to the club

So this is a lil late, but ah well.

We went for the Black Party, a good thing for us as most of our clothing is black. Deni was lookin tasty in her shorty short Hooters skirt & a camisole that reads "I fucked your girlfriend" across the tits. She got alot of good attention to say the least.
We were sitting out front while a couple freinds were going thru orientation (they elected not to saty that night for other obligations, but seem VERY interested in returning) and started talking to a couple in the lobby. Both very nice people, well spoken, the kind of people you hope to meet in a place like that. The lady was just gorgeous tho, tall, curvy, wearing a sheer black gown that exposed her shapely legs & still revealed her tight lil rear & plentiful breasts (DDD's at least!! ). We ended up joining them for dinner as well as another couple that they knew. Made for an excellent dinner with great company & conversation.
The band started up & Deni went to go dance & droll over the lead singers (both females, she's such a fan-girl, I swear). The band was pretty good & we enjopyed the music for a while then went to change & swim for a bit. Same routine as before, just us with eachother, but we are making new freinds & ran into a few other folks from here on AdultFriendFinder as well. All about building a circle of freinds.

The Xg/f may be coming in a couple days. If she does she will be coming with us on our next trip to the club this coming weekend. This will prove to be VERY entertaining, oh yes indeed!
Some trouble is definately worth the damage control efforts. lol

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