Things that make ya go "Oh shit,..."  

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1/26/2006 7:02 am

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Things that make ya go "Oh shit,..."

Talked to our Xg/f last night. Nothin new about that, we talk quite a bit, something about the 3 of us still being very much attatched to eachother, in love even.

The oh shit part somes into play when she tells me she's wanting to come see us for a week over spring break.

I lover her, we both do, but she's trouble with a 10 foot T. Granted, the kinda trouble I LOVE to get into, but she has a way of turning our world all topsy turvy.
Now I of course told her it was fine & she's always welcome to come stay w. us, and she is really. Just glad I have a couple months notice so we can prepare.

Have NO idea what will happen when she comes to see us. Things have been pretty crazy for her lately & she needs a break with people tht aren't asking her for something. I think thats why our relationship, such as it is, has outlasted all of her others really. We've only asked that she be real with us, sometimes thats asking alot in itself, but we're the one constant in her life it would seem.
Now of course since we are THAT close, I offered to take her to "The Club",... She seems rather excited about that prospect, even if nothing terribly exciting happens, it will be a unique expereince for her & we're garanteed to have a good time.

I love her, I enjoy time with her, but I dread it all the same. What a wierd relationship!!

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