So you wanna meet real people on AFF?  

3FreqsOnnaLeash 46G  
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12/12/2005 12:34 pm

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11/9/2010 5:25 am

So you wanna meet real people on AFF?

We've been on AdultFriendFinder for about 5 years, actively participating in the chat rooms for about 4. So to say we have seen alot is an understatement.

Profiles surfing & emailing is all fine, but the reality is the chats produce better returns than anything else here.
Altho for you single guys, you might not think so at 1st coz it's about 80% men on here. Be patient, be courteous, get IN the converstations, you WILL have some luck.

As for the rest of it. Socializing on AdultFriendFinder or at public events is the best way to get a newtwork of real people going. Word of mouth is the name of the game & people will tell you who's for real & full of shit.
The unfortunate truth is online you can be anyone you want to be, coz lets face it, we cant all be hot hard bodies. So people will do & say things they fantasize about but cant bring themselves to actualy do when it come down to the time to put up or shut up. The fantasy is more frightening than reality in many cases. Regardless of how well you follow the obvious guidelines, you're gonna meet alotta flakes on the web.

So lets say just for giggles that at least 50% of the people on AdultFriendFinder are being honest with you. Less than 10% might interest you, & maybe 5% are compatible enough that you'll go out for a date.
We have met face to face with well over 300 people. Open social events mostly, dates here & there, & more recently the public meet we host in our area. Of all those people we have made some excellent freinds & have gotten alot of good contacts & such out of it, but only 7 have made it to our bed. Seems like low odds, but we have some limitations that turn people off tho so we are different than the typical "swinger" couple. But not when we look at the quality of those people we have been with & the just mind blowing sex we hve had with them. The odds have been good to us & these people are DEFINATELY worth the wait,...

Finding what you want on AdultFriendFinder does happen. It wont happen fast tho. Set realistic expectations & view this site as entertainment 1st, a dating site 2nd. There ARE people out there lookin for someone like you.

Keep looking, be safe, have fun!

TonyManero1977 39M

12/12/2005 12:48 pm

Thanks for sharing guys. I mean it

wombat_ 48M

12/12/2005 1:17 pm

It seems to be such a common thread of complaint and frustration. If you read my first post in my blog wombat_ you will see the analysis of the odds against the male. But I agree with patient and good things will happen.

I take this approach...I have pretty high standards in that I need to have a person that I find mentally stimulating and that means they need to be able to converse in email or chat and need to be able to "spark" something in my mind first. Of the 100 emails I sent in a month I received only 11 responses and from those only 2 were worth reading and of those I now maintain contact with both ladies and have done for many many months. I have only met one of them as the other is married (but still great to chat to) and I wont be part of "discrete" times.

The greatest success will come from the greatest honesty and lots of patience. Why meet someone that has been lead to your path through lies anyway? Yeh...may have a quickie and never see them again but if thats all you want head to a local club and gauranteed you'll have much faster success than on here.


3FreqsOnnaLeash 46G  
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12/13/2005 11:28 pm

That is very true. Hittin the local club & lookin for a potential lay will be alot easier than tryin to "hook up" on AdultFriendFinder. MUCH easier.
AdultFriendFinder is a useful tool if you look at it the right way, as with all tools it's about the proper application.

A couple ground rules for the boiz:

1. If your screen name is about your dick, change it. Show some imagination, think up a unique name that is a relection of your character, not just your crank. If your handle is about your dick you better have something special to show! & guys, these ladies can be brutal, so dont fool yourself, they sure wont be.

2. If your main photo is of your dick, change it. Actualy, if ANY of your photos are of your dick, change them. Women like to use thier imaginations, give em a peek, a tease, something to look forward to. Coz lets face it guys, aside from some freakish exceptions, they all look pretty much alike. If you think you're best feature is lil willie, you're already in deep poop, hit the local club.

3. Just because you paid for a lil silver or gold ball, does NOT mean you will get laid. You might not even get any letters. You want results, write a good profile! If you have no imagination, pay AdultFriendFinder to write one for you! I cant count how many disgruntled assholes have come into the chats bytchin coz they cant believe they paid to be ignored, etc. etc. Guess what wonder boy you just made the do not call list of everyone in the chat, plus anyone they talk to. Hope they reserved your table at the club,...

4. As I stated before, the chats are a VERY valuable part of AdultFriendFinder, even for unpaid users! Use them, be patient, be cool & above all courteous. You will get attention & make new freinds, & believe it or not having freinds on a site like this is much more valuable than one might think.
Eventualy you may find a local event where you can get out & be seen. This is good as people talk, & if you have people that can vouch for you, you will get alot more out of AdultFriendFinder (unless you're a knob, then it's back to the club). & all for free, scary thought huh?

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