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1/11/2006 8:47 pm

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Sexy story time!!!

The following is a sexy story I wrote for Deni a few years back to keep her warm on those long nights when I was away. I was on my 2nd deployment to Antarctica since we'd been married & down there you think about sex alot. I sent her this story wich was followed by many sessions of phone sex I assure you. But even better, I shared it with a few of my lady freinds at work, many of whom were bisexual. To say my popularity rating spiked would be a major understatement. They loved it & it soon made the rounds of the squadrom Email server.
We made a few new freinds that deployment, & had soem good times with them in home port, but alas, no sexual play. Still, miss alot of those ladies, they were a unuiqe group.
At any rate, here it is, the ramblings of a perverse mind in a frozen wasteland:

Three ways to make love.
The sensations flowing through you are familiar, but at the same time new and exciting. The delicate touch of the hands as they undress you is gentle, and you can feel the heat of your passion rising. But simultaniously, they are completely new, raising goose bumps on your bare flesh. The hands slowly caress and touch every inch of your skin as they slowly remove the last of your clothing, exposing you fully to the candle light and the pleasures that await you.
You are guided into the bath, the hot bubbly water smelling of fragrant oils. You are genly lowered into the water and made ready for the first pleasure of the night.
He slides into the bath behind you, sliding you in close to him so you can feel his warmth pressing against your back. He slowly runs water from a large sponge down your back & over your shoulders, letting the water cascade from your bare breasts. He runs his hand up & down your belly, gently caressing your breasts. Touching & rubbing, strong & firm, yet light & loving, lighting the fires deep within your body.
She steps into the bath in front of you, her legs entwing you and the man. She takes up the sponge & rubs your body, easily stroking the flesh. They work in unison, slowly washing every inch of you with the soft scented soaps. She pours water over your chest, it feels silky from the oils. She moves her hand down your stomach, lower, gently probing & pleasing you as only a woman could, turning the smoldering ember of passion into a balze of flames.
This goes on until you could swear you would burst from the heat,...
They climb out and gently pull you from the warm waters, gently drying you off with great soft towels. then they eack take a hand and lead you to the bed. it is a large four poster frame, made of rough hewn wood, with large beams across the top. It's dark & hard, yet the soft sheer cloth draping it sets a lighter tone. Candles placed around the room dance with the shadows, making the thin fabric glow with playful light.
You are guided into a kneeling position in the center of the bed. As they softly kiss & tease you all over, your wrists are bound with silky soft ropes & tied to a beam over your head. The woman guides a leg between your thighs, sliding in close & pressing the legnth of her body to yours as she kisses you passionately. He takes her hands and ties them as yours and afixes her wrists to yours so that you are together on the bed, face to face, breast to breast. The two of you slowly rubbing together, kissing, waiting for the next step. Before it begins, he places a blindfold over her eyes, then places one on you as well,...
The first strike is hardly that, merely a flicker of a rolled silken cloth over the exposed flesh of your thigh. The cloth floats from you to the woman in turn, each time a little harder. He does this slowly, tauntingly. Whispering hotly in your ear he asks you if you like it, do you want more,... The silken whip dances across the taut skin of your ass & thighs. Not so much pain as flares of white heat that flash across your nerves, feeding the flame of desire. The woman in front of you moans as she writhes against your leg, & you on hers, feeling the moist heat of your mutual excitment. The soft strikes continue for a short while, stinging, but without pain. Then he stops. The woman before you lets out a whimpering sigh, knowing whats next.
The man comes up next to the two of you, coming in close so that you feel his warm body against your flesh, putting an arm around each of you. Hes softly asks if you want more. The woman whispers "yes please". You nod slightly.
He pulls back slightly, withdrawing his arms, but remaining close. Then it comes, a solid flat handed slap across your ass. You hear the woman gasp at the same time you do, jumping into eachother at once. The sting from his hand is much different from the silk. It's hotter, more shocking. He leans down & kisses where he hit you, running his tounge across the heated flesh. He asks if you want another,...
You say yes. The blow comes, & again you surge into the woman in front of you, grinding your sex into her thigh as she does the same to you, the excited wetness making you slide on eachother. Again he asks, again you say yes. He askes again & again, & each time you nearly scream yes as the white heat from the impacts & the searing hot body rubbing against yours is too much, driving you towards the edge. Sonn he no longer asks, but just spanks you with with carefull measured strikes, keeping the two of you on the edge of extacy as you push your sweaty bodies together, sharing long passion filled kisses with her.
Then it stops,...
He unties the two of you & removes the blindfolds, kissing your wrists where you pulled against your bonds. They hold you & gently rub the inflamed skin of your ass, rubbing in the heat & holding you close untill you quit trembling from the exertion.
Then he lies down on the bed, rolling under you & the woman. You stradle his head as she moves back to stradle his waist. As you feel the heat of his tounge invade the wentness of your sex, you watch her as she slides his length inside of her. You can feel him gently lick kiss you, probing your folds, teasing your clit. Pulling your hips down on his face, he drives his tounge deep inside you. The sensations roll over you like waves of the tide as he eats you as if he were trying to consume your very soul, drawing in every last bit of your strength.
As he ravages you, you watch hungrily as the woman squats over his shaft. Taking long slow strokes that envelop all of his cock, then release it, her wetness glistening on his skin as her juices run down his thighs & abdomen. She leans over & takes your breast in her mouth, licking & sucking each one as she rides him. She kisses you and ever so slowly raises herself off of him.
The bolth ease you into position for your turn on him. She reaches in between your legs, rubbing your folds a little, then guiding you onto his shaft. the warmth from him builds as you feel it slowly fill you up, the pressure & heat making you feel weak for a moment. The woman assumes your former place astride his face and groans as he starts to eat her. She reaches across to your waist & as she kisses you, she coaxes you into motion, slowly easing all of his cock in & out of the depths of your sex. Surging against eachother, the sensations of heat, pressure, & her attentions making you so warm inside. She reaches down & plays with your clit, making the flames of passion deep inside you burst into a crescendo. You ride the sensations, quickening the pace of your movements. He starts to slam into you from below as she keeps pace with her hand. the sensations drawing you nearer the edge bit by bit, your excited state causing your sex to run with slippery wetness.
Finaly you feel the last surge of pressure building, the heat rises impossibly higher, untill you can no longer hold it back. With a hoarse cry the dam bursts and as you flood his cock with your juices, your body crumbles into what feels like a thousand pieces. They stop and hold your shuddering body untill you regain control, stroking your skin & kissing you untill it passes.
Now it is her turn. She lies down and as he climbs atop her & slides inside her neatly shaved pussy, she pulls you over her face. The sensations are quite different with her. She instictively catches onto your reactions & zeroes in on what triggers your nerves. As he continues to pound into her with abandon, you get hotter & hotter watching him & feeling her tounge inside you. You can tell by the frantic pace of her tounge & the way she surges up to meet his hard thrusts that she is about to cum. She starts to twitch & moans into your pussy, then she clamps her legs around his waist pulling every inch of his shaft into her. At the same time she pulls you down hard on her face & hits that one spot just so, making you explode along with her as she bucks & cries out on the bed under you.
Finally she relaxes and you all colapse into a pile, resting & enjoying the shared warmth & closeness of eachother for a time.
When everyone is again ready to go, She pulls you down on top of her, placing you in a sixty nine position. Gently you start in on her, kissing her thighs & easing open her smooth shaved sex. Probing the silky folds with your tounge, you taste her sweet essence on your tounge for the first time. He gets up behind you & slowly slides his hard cock into you, pushing all the way into you. He begins a slow gentle stroking of your pussy, easing in & out. He starts to quicken his pace as you work harder at her sweetness. Gradualy he builds up untill he is slamming away at you, making you surge back into him taking every inch of him into you. When you think you can feel no more, she starts teasing your clit, alternating between your dripping wetness & licking him at the same time. The heated sensations make you work harder at your task, making her squirm & yelp under your minstrations. You start licking, sucking, & nibbling at her, feeling her tremble as you hit the right spots. You start to work her over hard as they ravage you from behind. She starts to wimper & shake as you eat her hard, finally throwing her off the edge she moans out loud & bucks against you as her orgasm crashes forth. Soaking your face, the hot bittersweet juices flow over your tounge,...
The man is still pounding away at you, so hard & fast you think you may burst. You can tell he is about to cum as well. Before he does, she pushes you off of her and lies him down on the bed between the two of you. She starts to lick & kiss the shaft as she pulls you in close. You bolth work on it, kissing & licking, you can taste the sweetness of your own juices on it. Giving you as kiss she pulls back so you can take as much as possible into your mouth. You each take turns as he lies there & moans while you take care of him. You can tell he's close, so you grab the throbbing shaft & start to stroke it, she puts her hand over yours & helps you. He's really close now as you each start to lick the sides of his shaft & head, still strokin him hard & fast.
With a great thrust of his hips & a yell, he comes hard. It shoots out onto the two of you at first, splashing your faces & breasts, then she hungrily swallows his cock & drains the rest out of him, sucking him dry. She pulls away & shares a sticky sweet kiss, you can taste his salty cum on her tounge.
All three of you crawl up into a heap of tired flesh to rest for a while. Gently caressing & kissing as you drift off to sleep. Enjoying the sensations & remebering the passions only just past, anticipating what is yet to come.

Zaphed905 55M

1/11/2006 9:58 pm

I notice that your story is sort of "hot." No ice appears in it. I assume that it doesn't take place in Antarctica!

I only mention this because my team has proposed a new project there. If it goes through, I'd be stuck in a tent out on the ice for a month at a time. I'm still holding out for a compensatory month of debauchery on a beach in Australia. Then some wise-ass pointed out that 1/3 of the antarctic coast line is controlled by Australia, so I'd better be careful what I ask for...

3FreqsOnnaLeash 47G  
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1/11/2006 11:06 pm

This is very true, you might be kickin it on the beach countin penguins!

But I can tell you from experience of 7 deployments with Deep Freeze, Christchurch New Zealand was a damned good time as well. Those Kiwi girls know how to party.

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