Meet & Greets: Myth vs. Fact  

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4/20/2006 9:26 pm

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Meet & Greets: Myth vs. Fact

The hardest thing about running a meet is that you are constantly seeing people with unrealistic expectations from this site as well as the meets.
You are not going to get laid every time, hell, you may never get laid if there's nobody you are mutualy attracted to!

The thing is this, if people dont come out & just hang out & network (the single MOST effective way to meet people on here by the way), you'll never meet anyone you like. Likewise, others show up now & then, & not seeing anything they like, quit comin out. Usualy right before someone that fits thier tastes comes out for the 1st time. Murphys' Law at it's best.
To draw more people we need to have folks that are willing to hang out & be willing to take a chance that someone else will come out. Ya need people to draw people, it's that simple.
Now up where we live it's hard as we have such a small population, cutting the attendance in two ways. 1st & most obvious, there's going to be less people out there, secondly because there's more likelyhood that people will be having smalltownitis (fear of seeing or being seen by friends/co-workers/etc.).

Now I genuinly appreciate every person that has taken thier off time to come out to attend our meets, or any other meets for that matter. But I have zero sympathy for those people that complain about how they aren't meeting anyone. Esp. those that come out once, maybe twice, then buzz off coz they didn't like the scenery.
You want this to work? Ya have to put forth more effort & accept the fact that it possibly will take time to meet someone you can get freaky with. Come out with the desire to spend time with similarly perverted people in a stress free enviroment, and while hoping for the best, expecting nothing.

Besides, all of our best fun was had by total accident. It never happened when we were expecting it & that seems to be pretty common.
Take the chance, go out to a local M&G, what do ya have to lose?

Friendly2281 35F
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4/21/2006 10:52 pm

i have a question the meet for 4/22 is it a the skagit or at maxdales?

3FreqsOnnaLeash 46G  
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4/23/2006 12:42 am

Thanks Shy

& Miss Friendly, guess I saw this too late huh?

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