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An old prospector comes down out of the mountains to cash in his gold dust, have a hot meal, & a drink. Now bein a typical fellow he's interested in some female company so he asks the bartender if they have any girls.
"Naw, we aint got no girls, just 'ol Ed over there"
"Oh hell no! I aint into that!"
So the prospector goes back into the hills & stays a couple months before makin it back into town. The same question is asked of the barkeep, & the same answer, "Naw, all we got is 'ol Ed over there".
"Oh hell no! I aint into that!" & off he goes again into the hills.
And so, time passes as it tends to, & the prospector comes down out of the hills again to cash in his gold dust, have a hot meal, & a drink. He asks the barkeep if they got any girls yet & gets the same "Naw, still no girls, but we still gots 'ol Ed over there."
Now the prospector thinks on it & it's been over a year since he's had any & he's feelin right anxious, so he says to the bartender "You know, I'm not into that at all, but say if I were, who would know about it?"
"Well, there would be you & me of course, Ed, & the two guys holdin him."
"Two guys holdin him, what for?"
"Oh, well, Ed aint into that either!"

A mountain man comes into town lookin to get drunk & go whorin so he hits the local saloon & then havin tied on a good drunk heads to the cat house to work it off.
He gets to the door & is greeted by the madame who informs him that all the girls are booked for the evening except for Suzy Goosy.
"Suzy? Oh no, I heard wierd things about her, I'll come back some other time". And so he gets his things & heads back into the hills.
3 months pass & the mountain man comes back into town to get drunk & go whorin & makes his way back to the brothel. Again it seems he's got poor timing & the only girl available is Suzy Goosy.
"Is that all?... Aw man, naw, I cant do it, I heard wierd things about Suzy."
So off he goes again, this time for six months. Havin been on the hunt for some ass for over nine months now, he's pretty desperate for a lay & passes the bar & goes right to the cat house. And yet again, the only girl he can get that night is Suzy.
Now the guy thinks on it for a bit & decides to give it a whirl, he can always back out.
So the madame leads him up stairs to Suzys' room & introduces him. Now the ol man is taken aback as Suzy is actualy an attractive young woman, a lil worse for wear, but still attractive for a whore in those days. So he decides to have at it & they get undressed.
Now when it comes down to it he slides home & it just dont feel right, like it's a lil rough & says as much to Suzy.
"Oh my, I'm sorry, I'll be right back!" & Suzy flits off behind the screen for a little while then hops back in bed.
"There, that should be better."
Well the mountian man slides it home and this time it's a slick as can be & feels fabulous. "This is incredible, you feel great! What did you do anyway?"
"Oh, I picked the blisters & let the puss run"

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eww that second one isn't right

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