2nd trip to the club  

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1/19/2006 2:01 am

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2nd trip to the club

So we're now official members of the club. Decided to make a weekday run as the rest of our weekends this month are spoken for in one way or another. That & a freind of ours is a member & she was gonna go tonight as well, she was kind enough to get there early & hang out w. us for a bit. Deni was bein a figety pain in my ass, but thats pretty normal, she just doesn't relax well in some enviroments is all.

ANYway,... We got there at opening time so we could take care of the mebership dues & all that. Grabbed a locker then settled into a couch to chat & see who came in. Was a pretty slow night, but we did have some veeeeery interesting attendess. Couple of very attractive ladies showed, even one older lass that got our attention with her outfit. Yowza!
We hopped in one of the tubs & were joined by a gaggle of people all at once. Deni was a lil unnerved by the proximity off several nekkie men. Nobody was even tryin to get close, she just couldn't relax tho, silly. It was pretty funny seein her try to hop on my lap & still stay in the water at the same time. We did finaly goto the pool & then upstairs to do some scroggin.
On one of the trips up we got to see two very attractive women getting serious screamin O's from thier male partner, that guy was relentless!! If I wasn't such an evil bastard I would have felt sorry for thier poor tingling pussies. We took a bed where we could watch for a while, very entertaining show to say the least.

But yeah, second trip out was a blast as well. Alot slower, but not bad at all, decent way to spend an evening to say the least.
Now that we are members we can sponsor in those freinds that are interested, & seems some are VERY interested. But thats another story,...

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