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9/17/2005 12:16 pm

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Late last night I receive a phone call from a potential sub. We Emailed each other for sometime, lost contact and now she calls. She told me about her fantasy which she wants to live out. I told her I needed to blog this. Her words, “that would really be HOT!”

It takes place out doors at the beach. Theirs a large bo_b fire roaring, she’s completely naked tied tight to a pole blindfolded and gagged. She has no idea how many people are watching but she can sense it’s quite a crowd. She can smell the sea. She’s their to be punished, her body is trembling with anticipation. She can sense the disciplinarian is right behind her, other then the crackling of the fire and the sounds of the waves, it’s quiet. She hears the birch whistle threw the air, she hears a muffled scream and realizes it came from herself. The strikes come fast, at first her body is tense but as the punishment continues her body soon goes limp. The punishment has now come to an end. She wrapped in a blanket brought in side a cabin just off the beach, her wounds are tended too, she given some water. The crowd of people that witnessed her punishment were now in the room. Know one is speaking all is quiet. Her blanket was opened and an amazingly stunning women spreads her legs and brings her to the most intense orgasm.

I like her fantasy. I’m not birching a novice. Maybe use a very soft flogger. My suggestion, the disciplinarian be a Hot Mistress.

Master Jay


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