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Because were having the most amazing whether I decided to take my bike. As I pulled up to the restaurant their she was standing in front of the doorway sporting a mammoth smile. Wow, what a body. Now I was sporting the mammoth smile. After a brief two minute conversation. She pulled on my spare brain bucket, and we were off for an hour ride north on the Taconic.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at a rest stop just off the parkway. It was really our first opportunity to talk to each other and our conversation quickly turned to the lifestyle. With a big smile, she made it very clear she wanted to get paddled tonight and their was my smile. As we kissed I reached into her jeans between her legs, she was soaked.

The ride back to my house was not easy. It’s not exactly safe to be cruising on a rather large motor cycle with someone reaching around playing with your cock.

Back at my house I was all business. She did the hottest strip tease for me, what a body, it’s worth saying it again, “What a body.” As she knelt down put her face to the floor and pulled her ass cheeks apart for my inspection, I got my first good look at her shaved pussy, very, very nice.

This young lady was in a previous relationship she was getting steadily spanked and experimented with some light bondage. Until my third or fourth meeting with a sub I stay away from bondage.

As she took up position over my lap, I just looked at that fresh young ass, yum. I started off with some very light smacks mixed in with some occasional caressing. Her reactions “harder please harder.” I continued to do this my way, nice and easy, building up my pace mixing in an occasional hard smack Now for the paddle, I started off slow, again she cried, “please harder, harder.” I can tell she’s use to topping from the bottom, I was having none of it. I went nice and slow, stopping occasionally to reach between her legs to play with her clit. The little bitch came with-out permission. Honestly watching her orgasm over my knees was really hot, did I mention she has a really great body.

After she came back to earth, I suggested we go back to the restaurant to pick up her car. She wanted more paddling. So I introduced her to her first pussy paddling. I use the handle of a wooden paddle. What I do is lay on my stomach between her legs, I aim it at her clit hood and paddle, not hard, I like to read the subs reaction, some love this, some want nothing to do with it. She loved it and wanted more, much more. She was left wanting. I was in a good mood, so I reached up and in found her little “G” spot and permitted her an orgasm. This time permission was asked. I love when a sub asks permission, it’s always that very low barely audible, “ may I cum please.” The night ended with her pleasing me.

Master Jay


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