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This is the follow up to “I was forced, but believe I’m Ok”. In my previous post I left off where I was forced to suck my brother and his friend Jack’s cock almost every day. Some days I was dress in my mother’s clothes and was occupied sucking cocks for most of the day. Then came the day where just sucking Jack’s cock wasn’t enough for him.

Jack had started talking about he needed to get some pussy. He said my blow jobs were really good, but he needed more. I was only nine at the time and thought it would be great for Jack to get some pussy since if he did, then I wouldn’t have to suck his cock any more. Of course I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have to suck him any less. But what Jack had in mind didn’t really involve a girl, he was talking about fucking my nine year old skinny ass. My brother wasn’t entirely stupid because he realized my ass being stretched out could cause some problems. But Jack got pissed and said he would tell everyone the Ron had been making his little brother suck his cock. So in the end Jack got his way and started fucking my ass. This was probably the worst time of my life, it was so very painful and the more I cried the more my brother would slap my face and tell me the shut up. Fortunately Jack figured out some Vaseline would make things easier after a few more days I could take his cock without to much pain. Especially since on dress up days I loaded my ass with Vaseline first thing in the morning. My brother never fucked me in the ass but did get into fucking my face while Jack did my ass.

When summer was over and we went back to school there wasn’t time in the afternoons for me to get into my sissy dresses. So on these days I would just be naked on my hands and knees while Jack and brother did their thing. One afternoon while walking home from school my friend Kenny asked if it was true that I sucked cock. I thought I was going to die and just started crying an ran home. Kenny was knocking on my door but I wasn’t answering when my brother and Jack came home and let him in. Turns out Jack had been telling Kenny all about my cock sucking and wanted him to stop hanging out with a sissy. This was the year I lost all of my so called friends.

Jack and Ron made me strip and suck their cocks before Jack started fucking my ass. Kenny was so wide eyed and even though only ten, he got hard. After my brother came in mouth Jack had his little brother Kenny stick his cock in my mouth. There I was being fucked in the ass by my brother’s best friend while my best friend fucked my face. This was one of the low points of my life and that weekend I got up the nerve to tell my father what was happening. That was a big mistake since my father figured I lied about everything and got pissed that I would say something like that about my brother. I was severely punished and told never to lie or talk like that again. I didn’t even feel the beating I received from my brother that night. I was now officially a cock sucking sissy and soon everyone in town was going to know.

By winter break I had sucked the cocks of all my former friends and been fucked by several of Jacks friends. Girl’s clothes began to appear and everyone wanted me dressed so I could be their slut fantasy girl. I had given up at this point and simply became the slut they wanted, At some point a couple of guys had started being nice to me and I began to enjoy my new position. By the time I was eleven everyone at school, even some of the teachers knew I sucked cocks. But that was Ok because I was no longer being since I was a willing partner. I had achieved some status by the time I was thirteen, I was the town slut that sucked any cock presented and would lift my skirt to be fucked in the ass by anyone. Of course I was scorned by all the girls but I didn’t care because I was a good looking slut that could steal their boyfriends.

Now you may ask where my mother and father were during all this time. They were either completely oblivious or in full denial. The only time either took any notice is the time I tried to leave the house dressed as a girl. That got some attention because after that I would stay dressed as a guy, pack a bag and go to a neighbor’s house to get dressed as a girl. This went bad when one of the wives caught her husband fucking my ass and raised a stink. My parents raided my bedroom and threw out all my girl clothes. My mother quit her job (always thought that was a little late) to make sure I stayed grounded and escorted me everywhere I needed to go, include the psychiatrist they made me visit. I was not allowed to go anywhere by myself and since I could no longer be the sissy slut I simply stopped sucking cocks. By the time I was sixteen some trust has been gained and I was allowed to get a drivers license. My room and car were searched on a regular basis but I appeared normal and even dated a girl from another town, At seventeen I joined the Navy on an early enlistment and seven days after graduating from high school I was out of that town. I was eighteen years old when I headed for my first duty assignment. I never sucked a cock while in the Navy or even told anyone about my previous life. I didn’t feel like I had been abused or any of that crap you hear about. I went on with my life after the Navy and let the whole sissy slut thing sink to the back of my mind. I never talked to my brother, and my parents didn’t want to be reminded. Then when I was forty-one I met a T-girl on a business trip and all the old feeling came rushing back.

In my next post I should be able to finish this story and bring everything current


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