Did you ever meet an Indian at a bar...  

34andahalf4U 49M/44F
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9/27/2005 1:16 pm

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5/30/2006 12:32 pm

Did you ever meet an Indian at a bar...

...and say something that later you thought may have sounded patronizing? That's ok...LOL. Cause stuff like that is where humor is born. Here is a list of things we Indiansare gonna start saying to whites......

10. So, how much white ARE you?

9. Wow, really; I'm part white, too!

8. What kinda white are you? (Germann, Brit, French...)

7. I've always had a special feeling around concrete! You should see my walls; they're white, too!

6. Funny, you don't look white. (to be immediately followed by #5)

5. Where's your powdered wig and knickers?

4. Do you live in a covered wagon?

3. What's the meaning behind the 'square dance'?

2. You do realize you're only here because of lax imigration laws?

1. Yes, you can touch my hair, if I can grope your breasts (thank you for that one Russle Means)

So, next time you're in a bar and find an Indian, don't be surprized that he dosen't care what's on your walls, or thinks the woods are scarey. And PLEASE, oh PLEASE don't get into how screwed we get over land...unless you want to start giving it back, starting with YOUR house...lol... LMBO ROF (I sure hope you get indeginious humor!!! it's all meant with love y'all)

SibylBatchAxile 43M
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9/27/2005 2:13 pm

LMFAO!! And that's coming from someone who's part 'Native American' (for those PC freaks out there!)

I would have to add this, though:

11. If you don't like this country, go back to where you came from. We were here first...

Now, who wants to give me their land?

Goldenhairgodess 63F
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9/27/2005 2:42 pm

I am 1/36th Indian. Does that mean I would be intitled to 1/36th of the land, if it were to be given back? LOL.
I supposed it would be hard to prove though, with my blond hair and all.

34andahalf4U 49M/44F

9/27/2005 2:44 pm

Yeah, I think I heard it best from a NeoNazi that said "Immigration has never worked in this country". I agreed and asked him when his flight back home leaves. Not to get all rightious or nothin'.
PS...We are both TSA-LA-GI.

34andahalf4U 49M/44F

9/27/2005 3:02 pm

GHG: The good news is yes, you would. The bad news is that it would be Rhode Island. LOL And blood quantum dosen't mean much to many of us; it's what's in your heart.

Disclaimer to those in Rhode Island: I'm sorry, I just couldn't think of a state smaller than yours.

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