One of many fantasies...  

33319 40M/41F
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7/15/2006 3:24 pm

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4/7/2007 10:40 am

One of many fantasies...

This I like to call my popsicle fantasy.

In it I am totally naked, there is a man but he is fully dressed, and his purpose is to just watch me and participate when I tell him to.

I have a straight back wooden chair, with arms on the side, I sit myself in the chair and wrap my legs over the arms, I tell the man to sit on floor in front of me and watch.
I am fully spread open, I have a popsicle.
I take the popsicle and lick it as if I was just having a nice cold treat.
Then I start to lick and suck it as if it was a nice hard cock.
I run it aound my lips, making them moist with juices, down my chin and neck, down to my breasts, around my nipples, making them all wet and hard.
I take the popsicle down to my pussy and run it up and down my slit, making it wet and then I srat to fuck myself with the popsicle, and rub my clit at same time.
I fuck myself til the popsicle is all gone and I have cum.
I then have the man come and lick me all up.

rm_WannaPlaCpl 53M

8/19/2006 7:42 am

What a dream for a man to be able to particpate in such a fantasy. I can only imagine how many responces you have gotten for this! As many more have said, "I would love to be part of this with you" I love to perform orally and can imagine what popsicle and your juices would taste like.. I wanna show you my appreciation and treat you to a multiple orgasm causing tongue . I would love to hear from you if you would like.
Enjoy and know that I will be dreaming of that popsicle running up and down your hottness..watching you melt it as you touch it against your hot body..watching your nipples rise and your back arch as you cum!


rm_bshmn 55M
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9/8/2006 2:38 pm

i received your invitation and HOPE we'll be able to share some fantasies/experiences in real time SOON, though i'd want to use YOUR FANTASY AS FORE-PLAY i think that i would want to elaborate on this (blog) fantasy somewhat -- i would want to follow the melting popsicle as you moved it from your mouth and over your body LICKING UP THE JUICE as it melted on your excited, hot body and when you had slid the popsicle into and fucked your pussy with it, as i licked, until you came i would want to lie back on the floor and PULL YOU DOWN ONTO MY THICK, 8 INCH LONG, RAGING-HARD COCK so that YOU could RIDE IT UNTIL YOU CAME AGAIN and THEN i would want to TURN YOU OVER onto your back WITH MY HAND UNDER YOUR ASS raising your pelvis so that I COULD FUCK YOUR PUSSY DEEP AND HARD UNTIL YOU CAME AGAIN THEN (IF i came, i'd want YOU TO LICK AND SUCK ALL OF OUR CUM OFF OF MY COCK UNTIL IT WAS HARD AGAIN so that i could PUT YOU ON ALL 4 AND MOUNT YOU FROM BEHIND and FUCK YOUR CUM-SLICK PUSSY from behind UNTIL YOU CAME YET AGAIN (at which point there are SEVERAL possible variations depending on WHAT YOU LIKE TO HAVE DONE TO YOU -- i could SLAP/SPANK YOUR ASS as i grab your hips and KEEP FUCKING YOU UNTIL WE BOTH CAME AGAIN // AND/OR SLIDE MY THUMB INTO YOUR ASS AND MASSAGE FROM THE INSIDE while i grab your ass/hip and FUCK YOU UNTIL YOU/WE CUM AGAIN // AND/OR i could THEN PULL MY SLIPPERY CUM-SLICK HARD COCK OUT OF YOUR CUM-SLICK PUSSY so that i would BE ABLE TO USE OUR SLICK CUM COVERING MY HARD COCK as the LUBRICANT TO SLIDE MY CUM-SLICK COCK UP INTO YOUR ASS and FUCK YOUR ASS UNTIL BOTH OF OUR CUM IS DRIPPING OUT OF BOTH OF YOUR HOLES and ALL we can do is lie there together enjoying THE FEELING OF HAVING CUM SO MUCH AND SO HARD that we've EXHAUSTED OURSELVES -- UNTIL THE NEXT TIME WE FUCK !!! bshmnbshmnbshmnbshmn

Imhereforfknfun 58M

4/25/2008 6:47 am

wow...what else is there to add except...I want to capture your scent with and without the popsicle...your pussy looks soooo inviting fairmaiden...I hope I'm soon to be your newest friend and very erotic lover...I'd live out any fantasy you wanted baby...and being sat down in front of you to watch you rub that clit would be a dream cum true for me...lets play fairmaiden, and write some new fantasies fulfilled together....Bob

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