I am tired today  

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1/16/2006 8:25 pm

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I am tired today

I had company again last night, with my current , I will call him lover, current lover. He came over about 11 pm and stayed til 6 am. He is a very knowledgable lover for being only 21 yrs old. I so far haven't had to tell him how to touch me, he seems to know all on his own , all of my secret special places.

We did my fantasy again, with me leaving my door unlocked and him just walking in and coming up to my bedroom , while I waited in bed. I do not know but this fantasy extremely turns me on.

I tried to fall asleep while I waited for him to come over, but I was too excited.

He crawled into bed with me and I told him I was awake. We flirted and chatted and I just wanted to kiss him, so I leaned into his face and we kissed, making me moan.

I am so going to be mean right now..... and leave my story right there... I will write more tomorrow all that happened.

Till then , goodnight, Michele

Rainbowseeker20 58M

1/25/2006 12:51 pm

Michele.... I participated in similar meetings with a friend over in Bremerton. She'd leave the door unlocked, and I'd slip on in and under the covers. Being a Taurus, I'm normally the 'realist' typs, but this type of fantasy play was pretty darn hot!!! We had good times, and even added little variations (such as blindfolds, etc). YIKES.... getting 'firm' just remembering it all

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