Sex at first sight  

318is5 33M
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3/14/2006 8:09 pm
Sex at first sight

I believe one should be real from the second the eyes lock to the min. time decides to proceed in this sexual journey of what it is to be an explosive expressive emotional human being. I for one am attracted to the mind but when to body makes its way into my mind like a serpent coming out of a basket i can't help but combine words with touch to create poetry in motion as we sail the heavens and part the waters in each others beings. i love a women who is up front a straight up asks and demands what she wants from me weather it be from being kinky to all out no holds bar to a intellectual conversation about why the world turns. if anyone has questions about cuttz
let me know if your the one who wants sex at first sight and if our energies combine in complete synergy than the experiences could be one to keep secret.

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