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9/11/2005 1:38 pm

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Ok well this is a new attempt at the blog

I was thinking about friends this morning

Anyways I was chatting in my last Zblog the one that disappeared about marriage and the fact that I find my self no longer married and part of the single guy fraternity (ohh no not the dreaded single guy lol.) Well this life style can have its pit falls im not divorced because of the life style, but I have had some time to reflect on my life, and mistakes I have made. I think for all swingers or new swingers a thing to think about is why are you in this life style and what is it that you aim to get from been in this life style? If you are in it cos you want to have sex with all the woman or men in the country you are not going to last in this environment. This life style is about a way of living and not about sex; well I don’t think it is any way, to jump back for a moment
Im divorced not because me and my wife had sex with different folks im divorced because we had problems in our marriage before we started swinging, the only time we had good sex was when we where talking about someone else been in bed with us (the guy from the shop the woman from the school etc) and we where never able to make love to each other with just us, we where dead in the relationship. Our thinking was that the life style and our fantasies would fix US, well guys and girls it don’t in fact it kills. We had a cancer in our marriage and we tried to fix it with swinging and slowly but surely it ate away at us and slowly it killed us
So folks I implore you to make the correct choice don’t do this as a way of hiding from the cancer in your relationship, don’t think it can fix things (yes it seemed as if things where right and better when we where playing) but the reality hit home and it was dead we where dead and there was no way of restarting it our relationship was over.

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