Hot for Teacher  

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12/23/2005 10:30 pm

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Hot for Teacher

Seriously here folks, aren't there some vocations or professions that somehow make the potential lovers all that more enticing? For women the handsome Doctors, Lawyers in their power suits, Lifeguards, cops, military men..
For me there are two professions that just make me smile regardless of looks. Thats Nurses and teachers. I don't know where they come from. Hell I went to Catholic schools for 12 yrs.. Nuns in habits do not do it for me. But some of the lay teachers we had in High school. Hmmm

We won't talk about some of the ladies my kids have had over the years either. I looked at them and just thought, there is NO WAY she couldn't keep those hormonally driven teenagers attention. granted they might not have been learning much, but she definitely had their attention.

Its the next day from when I started wrting this. so my thoughts are a little more organized.

I stated earlier in my blog opening intro I have been a member of A F F for 6 yrs. I've chatted with a number of ladies in that time. What I have found in all those thousands of profiles I've read and perved on, the ones that usually catch my eye quickest are the ones of those sweet ladies in the medical or education fields. I sit and wonder why. Is it because their personal people skills are that well developed? is it the nurses uniforms, or the teachers usually conservative dress that just makes me want to explore whats under it? Their gentle touch? I know their brains intrigue me. Have yet to meet either a nurse or a teacher who didn't mentally stimulate my mind as well as my libido.

I come from a large family. In it I have 1 sister, 1 sister in law who are nurses. One sister in law is an X-ray tech and another sister in law is a teacher with her masters in education. All of them are good looking loving gentle ladies. I love and respect them more than they could ever know.

What brought this up? She knows who she is. She's captured my mind and my eye and a small portion of my heart already. And we've only been chatting for a week. Nor has she honored me with a picture. Yet.

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