A love letter.  

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11/11/2005 10:50 pm

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A love letter.

Do you ever wonder at the power of the written word? Have you written someone and had it change your life forever? I have. Thru here I have made several very special friends. But my best friend I met because the Air Force issued her to me. For those who are military or ex military, you'd understand that I was my wife's first sponsor to her first base overseas. That is how we met. And we've been together ever since. Thats over 20 yrs for those who care.. This letter is to her, But I share it with you all.

My love,
You ask me to write a fantasy. You know all my fantasies. And you know they all revolve around you. So I will just state here what I feel right now. I love you. There is no desire, no kinky dream that you and I haven't discussed. I write my fantasies for others, I live them with you. I live for you. I may grumble how often and how long you try to keep me on the phone when we're apart. But it doesn't mean I don't like hearing your voice. My day isn't complete without at least one kiss from you.
I could make love to others, I fall in and out of love with other women at the drop of a hat. I honestly do love them too. But none can hold me the way you do. The way you can. None mean as much to me as one of your kisses does. No one body could match the power I feel when I make love to you.
You say I can write so eloquently when the mood takes me. I am in the mood but I look at these words here, and they are such poor substitutes for what I feel with you. It's like I cannot write them for you. I have to feel, taste, hold them like I do you. And I can't! Why is that?
Maybe because you and I are beyond words. We can speak volumes with a look, a gesture, a touch. You can tell when I am lost in thought, when I am in a "caged tiger" mood. When I am ready to rip you panties off and take you right then and there. Lord knows we've done that before. In places our family would die to have heard about. And I am sure we'll do it again. In a most inappropiate place at amost inappropiate time. And you know what? Joke them if they can't take a fuck! Because, I am just doing what I am meant to do with you. And that is simply put..

Making love to my wife.

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