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11/15/2005 8:32 am

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Ya Don

OK first off, we are a group so there are likely to be contradicting posts here. Just an FYI!

Someone said to me there is too much Drama in AdultFriendFinder, My response was "Ya don't say?" *heavy on the sarcasm here* I mean Life is Drama and that is why most folks (if not busy working , and sometimes if) Like to watch Daytime soaps and the tabloids and so on. AdultFriendFinder is no different. its a mini society that has its own rules. People ignore those rules and get stepped on or banned or worse deleted from the site altogether. Some of the unwritten rules is that things are not posted in chat rooms or blogs due to the sensitive nature of the information and so on. I have been reading AdultFriendFinder blogs for a while now and regret that TD&A is going but I understand his reasoning. What this other person allegedly did (I have not seen with my own 8 to 10 eyes for myself) is to possibly throw his job into jeopardy. But getting onto my main point is the Drama here is real and it affects real people in real ways. I mean that malicious emails from folks the evil and with forethought posts to others that some of you can't seem to refrain from posting. I often can't believe that these people call themselves adults. sorry rant time Like a girl who is obsessed with a guy who wants to be just friends and so on. I mean jeesh whats so hard to understand about that. If I remember right she has said he leads her on but if he has said he wants to be just friends how is that leading her on. I mean for real.I would think not very much . But when it comes to her breaking the law and going into his email to read his mail it turns from a crush to a sick little kid that hasn't gotten her way. I really think people like this need to be in a straight jackets and since I know the story I know just how sick it is. She tried to buy his affection and then when that didn't work she tried guilt tripping him into talking with her. I know cause I seen it all. I honestly think her constant attention and sympathy whoring is so much BS that it makes me ashamed that I share the same sex as her. I have seen movies with stalkers and people who become obsessed and so on. She actually is begining to make them real, for him. She has recetly talked about forgiving him and saying she was sorry. But she lost the right to even be his friend from the time she started invading his privacy and attemting to manipulate him. (that is just personal opnion) She is now saying that she is afraid of health concerns , yeah I wonder how and what new terminal illness she has thought up to make try to grab sympathy and build her ego. I am sick of sitting there with a few others and listening to all this BS and not saying anything. So this little group is our response to her, also we are going to be more vocal here than as ourselves individually . Mostly due to the fact that we want our opinions known if people really want to look. end of rant

OK now you know a little more and feel free to post as ya like its open to all........even the despised Drama Queens.......(yes that means men as well) go for it give it your best ........take your best shot just be prepard to take anything you dish 2 X LOL.......

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you alright kiddo sounds like you are having problems AdultFriendFinder

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