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12/6/2005 6:53 am

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glass half full

well today is my Monday here on Tuesday! you may ask how can that be. it sounds like something from The twilight zone. (any one remember that show) my job gives me sun and Monday as my days off. and they were very good days off. didn't get to meet any one; but did find out where there is a meet this Friday. so I'm looking forward to that. getting to mix with some of the people i've tried to chat with..... yes i said tried! thats because the posts come so quick I cant seem to take them in while typing. then i have to try to go back to re-read.UUUghhhh. wish i had taken typing in school. but alas, men (boys then) were not encouraged to take that sort of thing as an elective. (that sounds so damn funny now) well any way I'm hoping this Friday will be fun.

on another note the very first girl to welcome me to AdultFriendFinder has turned off her profile
she was my first and she was so sweet and cute too. seems she has met up with some one she wants to explore! if i would have had the $ the first time we e-mailed, I would have flown out to meet her. but things are what they are! good luck my sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So maybe this time next week i will have something hot and juicy to right about. of course being the gentleman I am i would never use real names. may use places, never names! well unless the other person wants me to. so many of you have such {b}HOT blog stuff?!?!?!?!?!?!??##@%^&*?!~ well you know who you are.... you have seen me at your site. it makes me take breaks while reading them. you know why too. some one has to satisfy Mr.Pogo,(not his real name)<<<see. and since there is no one willing just yet. the dirty little task falls to me.. and one of these days he begged 3 times! i finally said enoughs enough. you are going to the gym. work out some of this frustration. little did i realize the gym is full of just as much trouble. beautiful hard body's!!!!!!!!!! how good would it feel to have a warm set of lips wrapped around my throbbing member while i read some of these hot posts to you!!!!! WELL here it goes again.... but now i must go to work. maybe it will soften up before i get there! hope so i only work with guy's LOLOL

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