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9/3/2005 9:12 pm

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Fashion Rants

The simpler stuff that I notice on any given day. Feel free to try to explain any of this from a woman's point of view, please. I'm begging for the slightest insight here.

Now I know thongs are in style and the garment of choice for much of today's youth, but I have two questions. First, if a woman chooses to wear one that rides high on the hips, wouldn't it be prudent to wear pants that came up high enough
to cover those hips? Or maybe buy a smaller pair of briefs and hope they ride lower? Or maybe compliment the oufit with a top that rides lower?

Second, do women not realize that when they wear low rider jeans and such that every time they bend down there is an ample view down their backsides and to the garments that are (or sometimes aren't) there? That being said, what's up with the garments that look like they've seen 1001 trips through the wash with too much bleach, as the edges are all frayed and disintegrating? Kinda makes a guy wonder what it is those shorts have to endure on a daily basis. Ack.

I can understand the idea of skimpier underwear being in some way provocative to the masses, but what about the ladies who wear the briefs that are just too dam big for the pants they have on? Here I would be picturing the ladies who have on
grandma's briefs then sport the Daisy Duke shorts. What message is that suppose to convey? I use to be a lot bigger?

I believe that a permit should be required when purchasing Spandex. I also believe that such a permit would need to be renewed annually in front of a three member all male panel. That permit might also be a dual use permit, indicating who is actually qualified to wear low rider pants with a midrift top, thus eliminating the sight of 1" or more of flesh spilling over the strained edges of
an otherwise attractive pair of pants.

Women wearing midrift tops with low rider pants that prominently display a tattoo that extends completely across the woman's backside with a distinctive arrow or point aimed at their ass crack has to be the 21st century version of a sign that says "Open For Business." Unfortunately, when I see one of those, I usually read into it the fine print, which says "Billions and Billions Served."

On a similar advertising note, what is it a woman is trying to say with a prominent tongue piercing? Is that the 21st century sign for "Insert Here"?

If wearing unflattering worn under garments isn't bad enough, why do so many women where the briefs with the little bunnies or flower prints, then cover themselves with shorts or a skirt that are white and somewhat shear to invite the entire world to see their Underoos? When was the last time you saw a man sporting Star Wars underwear? My all time favorite was a 30 something lady in front of me at the grocery store one evening. Black hair, black nails, black lipstick and
about 150 piercings. She was wearing Hello Kitty underwear. WTF?

Why is that women who insist on wearing bras are the ones who need them the least? And the women who wear them less often are the ones who really need them? That last group usually includes the older women who could substitute a small pair of tights rather than a bra to cover the ever sagging luggage they're sporting.

If you're going to wear a top with thin straps, is their no alternative other than the bra with the 3/4" straps? Maybe in a color that blends or compliments the outfit even? Is this suppose to be provocative in some way, or is it just poor
fashion etiquette?

Is it really appropriate to wear a padded bra under a top that is so tight it actually reveals the padding? How about the ones that have 3/4" of frilly padding that shines through the shirt? OMG Do you believe when men look at your breasts
we're hoping to see floral patterns?

And my Gawd, if you're dressing up for a formal event after dropping $300 on a dress, can't you go the extra mile and find some lingirie that blends in with the outfit? I do remember being at a more formal event some years ago, and there was a lady sporting a beautiful black full length gown. Unfortunately she had on under garments in a bright yellow, which gave her the illusion of a bummble bee dancing and drinking wine.

Ladies, if the crotch on a pair of jeans has strings hanging down and the fabric is heavily worn while the rest of the garment seems well preserved, do you really think guys want to know what brought on that rapid decay right there of an
otherwise innocent pair of Levi's?

Are women who put stripes in their hair trying to blend in to the neon jungle of night life? If so, why? Wouldn't it just be easier to stay home? Ever known women who are into the color of the month club for hair products? My exwife belongs to that club now days, and some months I just feel so bad for her at how the science fair project turned out on her head. Well, maybe I feel a little bad for her, then laugh like hell to myself as I'm driving away.

I won't limit my daily observations to just the ladies. Gawd knows I've rounded the aisle picking up dinner more than once only to run into some guy squatting down for the chips on the bottom shelf and sporting his own cavernous hairy ass crack. Don't these guys own belts? For Christ's sake, I'm trying to get my food.

Speaking of belts, what is it that is appealing about wearing pants 2 sizes too big in the waist around the mid thigh? The only thing more tasteless than seeing the boxers riding over those pants is not seeing the boxers. Ack.

If a guy's going to wear pants that ride six inches lower than they were intended, why not get them with a leg cut that is six inches shorter? Thus avoiding the considerable collection of material surrounding their shoes and serving as mops on every hard surface they traverse.

And men or women, if your're going to put something resembling a bone or a rod through your nose, would you not feel more at home in Kenya? Or is it an expression of a love of things primitive and tribal? In which case you might just be better off living with the wolves in nature.

This last one I encountered first hand on two different occasions: When going to a job interview, don't wear your favorite t-shirt sporting a 14" cannibus leaf across the front. It does not scream out "I'll be your most responsible employee."

Do people put no thought into these things? Am I just overly attentive to poor fashion choices? I wear shorts and t-shirts over most of the summer, and I'd be horrified to learn that I'd worn anything that offended a client.

I only wear the tasteless stuff while I'm pulling weeds in the yard. My favorite being a t-shirt one of my longest enduring employees got me for Christmas several years ago to reflect my daily attitude about getting the simple things done by yourself and not having to ask other's for help. The shirt simply reads "And you're telling me this because...?"

Anyways, a few of my daily observations and bantor to take the weight off of the more serious stuff. If you can shed any light into the fashion decisions above, do let me know. And let me know if you have more observations to point out that I
might have missed.

cougarprey4play 40M

8/10/2006 6:10 pm

That is one long...rant?

Overall though I did enjoy it & would have to agree on several of things you pointed out XD what's even more alarming is the next generation & what they are wearing/doing.

"...which gave her the illusion of a bummble bee dancing and drinking wine..." Got to wonder why yellow under a black dress...?!

The showing off the tattoo on the backside seems to be more & more popular - the addition is the "barbed wire" or "native band" around the upper arm, which you would think people would try to be different by choosing something not common...oh well!

Take care!

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