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chair cont'd

we agreed that we would wait until 9:00 pm for them to show...long distance hookups seem to be hard to pull off...We sat at Pat's until 9:15, waiting, hoping. Their no show was a disappointment, but certainly not unexpected.

The night was still young and we luv to dance and flirt out on the town, just the two of us, we would hit the bars on Dauphin Street and have fun!!!

The third bar we entered was packed. A mixed crowd, young college kids as well as hot people our age. We walked in and immediately tried to find a seat to size things up. The band was hip, playing great dance music that got people to the floor. The only place we could find to sit was at the back of the bar, distant from the main action and all of the fun. We sat down and watched for a couple of songs, I told T I was going to go and try to find a better sitting spot...I walked by the bar and there was an open chair next to a guy, I asked him if the chair was available? He said his lady was in the bathroom, but if I wanted I could pull a chair from by the door and fit it in between his lady and the next. Happy to find the spot I quickly grabbed a chair and went to get T - as soon as we sat down his lovely lady came back. Kim had long blonde hair much like T's. She was wearing stylish sexy jeans with a top that showed she definitely had a great body. She looked to be 40, but definitely had taken care of herself.

It didn't take us long to strike up a conversation. Donald and Kim asked where we were from, we replied we were in town from Memphis and that we were having a great time in their city. T was already into lady conversation with Kim when Donald told me they loved to visit Memphis. There favorite spot was Platinum, probably the best strip club in the south for ladies interested in exploring their bi side! A place we had visited frequently before we found the lifestyle. Well this bit of info certainly set my brain to thinking. So does Kim like the ladies, I asked Donald? You bet he said. I smiled at T and mouthed the words over Kim's shoulders, "Kim is bi". T looked at me in disbelief and thought I was up to my normal tricks. I shook my head and mouthed, "no really"! Within 60 seconds she leaned over and planted a long sexy kiss on Kim! There was no pull back, no resistance, Kim met her eager lips with the same enthusiasm! to be cont'd

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