and then things got interesting!  

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2/8/2006 5:51 pm

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and then things got interesting!

The kiss was pretty long and very sexy! Especially since we were in public...I looked around to see if anyone had caught a glimpse of these two hot girls gone wild. To my suprise, no one seemed to be watching except Donald and I. At this point the girls were pawing at each other and Donald recommended that we go upstairs. We all agreed this was a great idea! The girls led the way holding hands as they went. The upper room of the bar overlooked the dance floor and it seemed we had the room to ourselves. T and Kim took up where the left off with several more intimate kisses.

At this point, I asked Donald if they were on any of the lifestyle websites. His reply indicated that he had no idea what I was talking about...I couldn't believe our stroke of luck. We had started out to meet a couple from this very site, they didn't show, now we were sitting with a very hot couple and having more fun than we thought possible. I could tell that T was getting very hot and bothered and we both knew the next move. We should invite these two to our hotel! We offered but they declined. Kim's fantasies had not gone any further than an exciting lap dance at Platinum! We exchanged cell numbers with Donald & Kim with the promise that the next time they came to Memphis they would give us a ring. It was getting late and T and I both needed to get back. We were very horny and decided we would go back to our hotel for some couple time.

Once we arrived at the room we got strait to it! I went down on T in the way I knew she had wished she could experience from Kim. About 15 minutes into our love making my cell phone rang. It was Donald and Kim and they were downstairs and wished to come up! Well, we invited them right up. Neither of us bothered to redress and when the knock came on the door I answered with a towel around my waist. They came in and Kim immediately sat down on the bed. Donald took a position standing against the wall, eager to watch, but that was all. Kim was unclothed in no time. Kim eagerly went down on T first...if it was her first time, it sure didn't look like it. She licked and sucked on T's clit until she began to orgasm. Now it was T's turn. T loves to taste of a woman, she eats pussy with the same enthusiasm that I do! I guess that is why I enjoy watching her so much with another woman, T enjoying the very thing that I love! Kim's hips eagerly met her lips and in no time she too was cumming...the girls embraced and continued by kissing, tasting each others sweet juices. This didn't last long because the girls were into round two! T flipped around and the girls began to 69 and this seemed to last for 15 or 20 minutes. Soon they were both moaning in orgasm.

Through it all I had been in the bed. When T was licking Kim the first time I softly kissed Kim and sucked her breast...Knowing that tonight was not to be my night, I didn't expect this experimenting couple to go very far. The fantasy was for T and I was happy for the experience!

After they had both exhausted each other through multiple orgasms we all got dressed. Kim & Donald soon departed and promised to call when they come to Memphis. A call we eagerly await!

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2/1/2008 11:34 am

Man I love this story. Can' twait to meet you and have you tell it in my ear.[

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