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BasksRaidsYarns 61M/61F
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11/21/2005 12:23 pm

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9/19/2006 10:50 am

Last Night

Damn I love her tits, her pussy and her ass.

We are just getting started in anal and she loves it.

I massaged her entire body rubbing and caressing starting with her on her belly and I rub and massage her back ass and legs. Caressing warming massage oil into her skin I always spread her cheeks to get a good look at her ass and pussy. Love to give little kisses as I massage her.

I roll her over onto her back and knead my way up and down each lovely thigh up her belly until I get to those great tits. Rolling her nipples and hefting each tit I lean forward to suck and chew all around each areola and nipple. I pull hard on her nipples sucking upward as much as I can than diving down to suck as much tit in as possible.

Than licking my way down her belly I lick into her slit and spread her pussy lips wide. I reach for the Warming KY massage oil and dribble lots into her pussy and let it run down to her asshole. I start to caress her pussy lips and clit.

Moving back up to latch on to a tit again I start to finger fuck her and open her pussy. She plays with the other tit and I hear her uh uh uh uh and her hips start to roll and buck upwards. I move a finger down to her asshole and using the KY start to push inside her ass. She bucks upward I take her hand from her tit and move it down to her pussy so she can rub her cunt.

Damn she is moving her ass side to side bucking her hips up than her tits to my mouth as I suck and push my finger deeper into her ass.

All of a sudden she is humpind her ass upwards than bucking her self upward to my mouth and than grunting and grunting I shove my finger into her ass as far as I can she rubs her clit and and UNHGHHHH UNHGHHH UNHHHHH shes cumming and cumming and cummming damn near throwing me off of her I keep my finger deep into her asshole and she just vibrates squeeling.

We are going to get my cock into her ass soon and after that we are going to try to open her pussy up to see how much of my hand I can get up her.

rm_lickmepretty 50F
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11/21/2005 2:02 pm

Hi, welcome to blog!

Are you aware there is a new group created for bloggers and their readership to meet and frolic in the chat room? (A place for serious discussion as well)

A group where interesting blog posts will be “spot-lighted” along with the links of how to get there. A place where new kids on the block can actually get seen as well as the predominant “hierarchy”.

A place where ideas can flow--from suggested blog topics, to writing "critiques", to directions on how to better use the elements of color, photos, and font style/size to make your blog more eye appealing; as well as instructions on how to better use linking to other posts.

Being that this is an adult site, we will also have a group post running where writers and their followers can indicate where they're from so maybe you might actually be able to meet some folk "local" to you.

Flirtatious banter is encouraged--crude obscene assaults will not be tolerated and are subject to deletion.

So...Stop in and have a little fun over your cup o' joe!

Here is a link to the group Blog Cafe, look forward to meeting you there!

Grumpy331 67M

12/6/2005 5:50 pm

You two are really hot. Let me know if I can play too!

rm_grtwrld 59M
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1/19/2006 6:11 pm

I sure would like to join you while you and me can give her the massage and play with all her orfices together and see if she can hump us both off the bed.

rm_pinknstink2x 39M/41M
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12/23/2007 11:40 am

yes - we would like to help as well - lol

rm_pinknstink2x 39M/41M
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12/26/2007 5:23 pm

anybody out there?

rm_pinknstink2x 39M/41M
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1/2/2008 5:46 pm

come on people - post something or I will have to tell you what stink and I have been up too and we don't fuck and tell so it will require authorization and disclousures of infromation signed it triplicate - it will be easier to make something up - lol

rm_captnlady 73M/63F
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5/13/2008 8:55 pm

will be in Mandan this weekend 16-17-18 anybody wish to meat?? and Play??

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