Always Wanted this to happen.  

BasksRaidsYarns 61M/61F
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6/23/2006 8:21 am

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12/31/2009 6:32 am

Always Wanted this to happen.

Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be taken by a group of men. Even when I was in my late teens I always dreamt of having a bunch of my male friends enter my bedroom as I laid on the bed naked, legs spread wide, pussy wet from fingering myself.

Always wanted two to play with my tits, two to feed me their cocks, one massaging my left leg, one massaging my right leg, one between my legs eating my pussy and using lube to get my tight little asshole ready for cock. I wanted a couple of others taking pictures and someone videoing all of it.

I lay there being eaten asshole being lubed tits sucked and sucking two hard cocks in heaven.

I wanted my asshole lubed really well I had taken enemas earlier so I was clean and wanted the lube deep up inside me so there was a tube of lube with a 8 inch long applicator so I could have lots of lubrication up my ass.

I just imagined being sucked my tits my pussy my ass probed and lubed all the while pictures being taken.

It wouldn't be long before the guy eating me would make me cum and the guys sucking my tits would make me go crazy.

Even before I quit cumming the guy between my legs would get his cock into me and fuck me hard and deep I can just imagine his nuts tight against my lubed asshole.

He cums and is replaced by another and than two more fuck me while I am on my back.

I roll over and get on my knees and one of the guys thrusts deep into my hot wet cunt and fucks me hard for few strokes and than pulls out and enters my tight well lubed asshole pushing in slowly until he is balls deep. Damn it hurts at first but than as he moves in and out stretching my tight little hole and my tits swing below me two of the guys start playing with my tits and he starts to fuck my ass harder and harder. One of the guys moves in front to have me suck his cock letting me know he is next in my ass.

After the second guy is done, one of the guys lays on the bed and I settle down onto his cock with my ass as I lower my ass down and it sinks in my thighs open wide and immediately a special buddy is between my legs and sliding his cock head up and down my slit. He looks into my eyes and says baby are you ready I smile and he pushes that big cock into my pussy God if feels so good I am stretched stretched so good two hard cocks fucking me damn damn damn DAMN I'm CUMMMMMMING

bigbeazer 45M/49F  
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2/15/2007 12:17 pm

Great dream. I am hard as a rock and rubbing one off. Thanks.

lickernsticker11 43M
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12/7/2007 11:15 pm

I love this blog. I want to be there for this fantasy.

rm_LifeJoker 37M
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12/17/2007 9:31 pm

Nice, fantisy wish it happened in ND

rm_pinknstink2x 39M/41M
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12/23/2007 11:35 pm

please let us know how we can help

rm_pinknstink2x 39M/41M
8 posts
12/25/2007 11:47 pm

anybody else posting? if so we will add some "stories" or should we say cronicles of pink n stink - lol

rm_pinknstink2x 39M/41M
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12/26/2007 5:20 pm

boreing boreing boreing

rm_diiick6969 56M
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2/21/2008 5:56 am

ive read it 6 times my wrists getting ore

AlterWaxerSuper 52M/54F

12/2/2009 6:59 pm

wow, sure got my juices flowing....


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