life and kids  

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8/31/2006 8:05 pm

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life and kids

first kids - i have 2 gi rls and they are 11 and 16 at this point, but this summer with them visitin me. come on i'm a man and we don't get custody of them. even when we provide a better life that the other. but any how its so neat to see them grow up , yes i talk with them each week , but to see them in person u see so many change in just a yr. my oldest is much morre responsible and very aware of world. she eve n told mee she trusted my opinion. what a shock to youngest, she 11 is so smart, ya like we all were. i think she listens. then when they leave i feel so empty and miss them terribly. if i could say onr thing to mother of divorce. to those it would be it. u and ur husband made a decent to each otherand respect the other opinion.ur kids will will be less hateful to each other. i see it with my youngest how do i fix it. its a long process. i may neve fix it. i hope i don't pass this attitiude down to my kids. that is the bad part.

what do u think
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rough_justa 87M/79F

9/1/2006 8:03 pm

2tall nice topic but i have the same prob jsut about. my boys are 19 and 16 and the 16 yr old lives with he dads sister cuz he couldnt get along with his dad and wouldnt come live with tim n i cuz we didnt have horses or a ranch just plain ole us. well my kids dont ahve nothing to do with us and that is something i cannt fix or will i ever be able to fix. their dad told them mean and nasty things that werent true and turned them against me so some day they will wake up and see the light. i wish ya luck with your girls.

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9/3/2006 10:17 am

I feel that you are right when you say it isn't right for the mother to automatically get custody because she is their mother. There are a lot of extenuating circumstances we don't know or understand about your situation, but all I can say is to keep on being there for your kids and let them know you love them and appreciate them for who they are. For rough_justa, keep trying and never give up. When they are older, they will realize what they have missed. Keep the door open for them to come to you if they so choose.

My husband and I have been married for 24 years with three kids of our own. Even if we had not been together, I would like to think that we could respect each other enough to keep the kids out of our personal squabbles and give them the life they deserve.

Good Luck!

wyo69kitty 64F

11/11/2006 7:08 pm

Never Never Never give up on children, yes you will be hurt but if you don't try you will never get to have them in your life. Yes I agree and have seen too many mothers get the custody and shouldn't and thank goodness that is changing. Just cause the parents can't get along, it isn't the children fault so she put their differnce aside and let the children know both parents and neve bad mouth each other.... Just hang in there and someday the children will be able to may their own choices. Stay in turn don't give up.

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