Let's Start A Story...  

2talk2unow 57F
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9/9/2005 3:58 am

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Let's Start A Story...

You're sitting on a cliff, in the woods, overlooking the beach below. I am reclining on a beachchair and no one is anywhere nearby (that I know of). I have my boombox on loudly. I am half-dozing in the sun's warm rays. There is a soft ocean breeze blowing the salty air around me. I have been reading a erotic magazine. The story has heightened my sexual desire. Therefore not seeing a soul I slowly caress my nipples thru my bathing top. They become erect and I am even more aroused. I slip off the top and lick my fingers and pinch and pull at my nipples with my eyes closed. I am fantasizing that some man is sucking upon them. This is not enough. So I tilt my head down, cupping one breast between both hands, and lick my nipples myself. Unbeknownst to me that you are watching me from the cliffs behind and above me.

Your turn........

rm_subsailor51 67M
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9/9/2005 7:47 pm

As you let the damp nipple slip from your mouth so that equal time can e given to the other, the soft sea breeze chills it so slightly. The sudden stiffness of its reaction catches your attention to it, such that you do not hear the loose pebbles shifting beneath my feet as I start to work my way down the rock face. The warmth of the sun striking your thights warms them to the point that you lets them roll open to allow hte warmth to spread evenly across the velvety skin leading to your womanhood, the increasing warmth spreading its heat up your body. Turning now to the other breast you concentrate on its nipple trying to recreat the trobbing sensation the moment of breeze had caused.

IdahoDave2 74M

9/10/2005 8:41 pm

What you're not seing is me standing off to the side with my hand in my shorts, rubbing myself while I watch you play with your nipples. You turn your head towards me and start licking your lips and start playing with yourself. Your turn.

rm_real69funguy 57M

9/13/2005 1:36 pm

The music is loud so you don't notice my approach. After suckling your nipples you hold them out and let the cool breeze caress them while your head falls back. It is now that I place a warm wet open mouth kiss upon you. At first you seize up, but my warm caressing tounge forces you to kiss me back. I caress your neck and shoulders while I tenderly explore the confines of your mouth, occassionally sucking the breath from your lungs..........my hands continue where yours left off; your hard, tingling nipples are flicked from finger to finger as I continue to kiss your lips before moving on to your neck and ears.....your hands grab my neck and push my hungry mouth down to your breasts where I spend many breaths bathing them in fine firm kisses..........by now you are dripping wet.....your calves are tightened and your toes are curled in the sand.........I lift you from your chair and place you genlty down on the warm sand.........you roll onto your knees, the rough sand clinging to your still wet breasts.......I caress them softly while you moan aloud....the thin wet material of your suit bottom slides away as my rock hard but untouched cock approaches from behind........you reach back just as a huge drop of clear precum drips into your palm.....fingers deftly massaging it into the purple/red head of my straining cock.......you guide me to your opening, my hands never leaving your nipples.........you moisten me with your flow and.........a seagull is crying out as your pull me into your open and throbbing pussy......A loud moan escapes my throat...I will not last long under this pressure......by the second stroke my thighs slapping your bottom are as loud as the music.....your grab my balls and squeeze...... I pull out and you clenck my gushing cock in the slick crack of your bottom...........my first squirt reaches your shoulders.....the rest settles into a pool in the small of your back...I fall back on my heels as I massage my still hot cum into the roundness of your ass. I pull you up onto my chest and begin the slow process of exploring your dripping crotch with my tounge, nose and moustache........your lips begin working on my fading manhood.......its going to be a long afternoon.........

2talk2unow 57F

9/14/2005 12:38 pm

okay guys...I am now fully aroused and my nipples are rock hard and erect and I need to cool off so I grab you and tug you toward the ocean..we feel the cool water lapping around our waists as we hold each other and continue to caress and kiss one another...the salty breeze reaches our nostrils and the gulls are screeching above us as we are now fondling one another beneath the ocean's waves as they swirl about our hot naked steamy bodies....

rm_oconomowoc 78M

9/15/2005 4:16 pm

i need to talk two u now this should not pass. eatingpost is my YIM handle why don't you invite me into your life.

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