The Dark Room...a fantasy by Curious  

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3/7/2006 11:41 am

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The Dark Room...a fantasy by Curious

As I entered the room I noticed something odd looking on the bed….it looked like cuffs, before I have a chance to inspect them someone comes up behind me and covers my eyes with their hands and gently whispers” Just relax”. My heart quickens with excitement and anticipation of the unknown. He guides me to the bed and removes his hands from my eyes but quickly blindfolds me before I can see his him. He lays me back on the bed and cuffs my hands and feet so I am spread eagle. I am breathing quick and shallow; my heart is pounding as I hear movement in the room. I hear a door open and can make out low whispering. Suddenly I feel lips graze my breasts, sending a jolt thru my body, I moan. I can feel hands on my legs caressing me, working there way up to my already soaked wet pussy. I feel a finger rub my clit and then a tongue on my pussy, gently softly probing it, licking at my wetness. Another pair of hands on my breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples. Then a cock grazes my lips, I open my mouth eagerly taking it in, licking and sucking this magnificent unknown cock. The tongue on my pussy stops and I feel something brush past my ass, I hear the familiar hum of a vibrator as it is inserted in me. The vibrations of it feel so good as it is worked in and out of my ass. Then a cock, a nice warm hard cock is plunged into my aching pussy. The vibe in my ass and that hard throbbing cock in my pussy is so awesome, I squirm and moan with my pleasure while I continue to suck on the other cock.
I feel hands on the side of my face as the cock in my mouth is removed. A voice says “Roll her on her side, so I can get in that ass”. I am rolled on my side and the other hard cock is inserted in my ass as they begin to fuck me DP. I moan and push back against him as his cock slips easily into my awaiting ass. They begin to fuck me from both sides, deep and hard, faster and faster. I moan and quake with ecstasy, its so fucking awesome, so fantastic, two hard cocks plunging and ramming in and out of me. One leg held high in the air so they both get maximum penetration. A sharp slap on my ass and then another. The one in front takes one of my nipples in his mouth and bites gently but firmly on it. His hand on my throat softly choking me, my head pulled back by my hair as the one in back fucks me hard in the ass. The biting the choking, the thriller of being bond and fucked royal by 2 unknown bodies. My pussy so wet and my ass so full of cock. I buck and twist, my body out of my control as these two have their complete way with me. “Oh god” Oh God’ I’m going to cum. I can feel it well up inside me as I am about to explode in Orgasm. My pussy twitching and pulsing, my clit throbbing. “ Fuck me, Fuck me hard”. “Ram your cocks in me, fuck me, Choke me harder”. “Oh god, Oh my fucking god”. I am almost screaming. I feel the cock in my ass begin to throb and pulse as he shots his load deep inside me, then the other fills my pussy with warm cum as I explode with a massive orgasm of my own. They pull their semi hard cocks from me and I lay exhausted on the bed, just laying there enjoying the aftermath of this fantastic orgasm.
I don’t even notice them leaving the room as I lay there still bond and exhausted.
Then I feel soft familiar caress, a gently hand as my restraints are removed and I am set free of my bindings. The blindfold removed and a soft deep kiss on my lips.
“Hey babe”. “God that was fantastic” I say. The voice say” I hope you enjoyed it”
“I did, I really did, it was amazing, Thank you Oskar , thank you so much for giving me that”.
We lay there together side by side on the bed. His arms around me as I continue to recuperate. He kisses me softly, holding me, allowing me my moment to savor.

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3/8/2006 1:31 pm

damn that sounds like a goodtime

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