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1/18/2006 4:13 pm

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Something about us

We are bringing over some of the things written at Oskarz1961 in order to have it here for your enjoyment. What started out between Curious and I as safe casual sex has evolved into a union of Sexual expression and curiosity of all that sex has to offer. Alone we are but mere individuals searching for sexual truths about ourselves. Together we are a force of sexual fury and passion, we are what seems to be sexual sole mates.We will try anything once , just to say we did it. We have many adventures we would like to take and we would like to take you with us. Either through this Blog ,or if you are willing and Crazy enough to follow, we will take you with us physically. Its been a crazy ride so far, and where this will all end , no one can say for sure.

We have many things planned and will be writing them here as time goes by.

If you like what you read here let us know...if you don't we can handle that to.But feed back is nice to hear,it keeps a person motivated and helps us be more creative.If you have any suggestions for us or fantasies of your own to share ,it would be very nice to hear those as well.

Thanx for stopping by
Oskar & Curious

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