My 1st letter to Curious that got this ball on a roll  

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1/18/2006 9:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My 1st letter to Curious that got this ball on a roll there I am in the water running over my body, standing with my hands above my head against the wall, legs spread. Water running down my back...the crack of my ass and down the back of my bag, and I start to thinking as I slowly stroke my cock...I think how great it would be if we met on the side of the a road side pull out...around P### Mountain. The weather is warm, a nice slow breeze. You’re wearing a skirt, short, a thong panty, no bra, and loose white blouse. God you look so hot. I put my hands on your hips...lean over and kiss you, your lips are so soft....I slid my hand up under your skirt...Mmmm...your pussy is wet and hot slid your hand in my cock is hard hot and un zip my pants drag my cock out...drop to your knees and start to suck on my cock, my hands on your head as you slide your lips back and forth on my stiff ridged shaft, squeezing my balls and licking the head of my dick.I tell you stand, turn around and bend over thru the open passenger door of my truck. I flip up your skirt...and shove my cock deep inside your aching pussy....I rub your clit feverishly with one hand as I tug your head backwards by your hair with the other, your breath is quick with a slight moan....I can hear you under your breath...Ugh....My ass..fuck me in the ass....I pull my cock from your pussy and slid it in your ass....its so snug and tight...I fuck your ass deep and slow while I play with your push yourself back hard against me as you start to cum forcing my cock deeper in your you cum I can feel your ass tighten...I too then cum....leaving a steamy load inside your sweet cock is so hard right now writing this. I wish you were here now so I could fuck you.

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