Birthday Fantasy for Curious  

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3/2/2006 8:06 pm

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Birthday Fantasy for Curious

So here it is, your birthday and what a special day it will be.

Its Friday, You have just come home from work to find a note on the Table. It reads “Go upstairs to our room”. You go up stairs to find yet another note, “Your bath is run”. With that you go to the Ensuite to find a nice hot bath run in the Jacuzzi tub, gently bubbling, and soft music playing on the CD player. You slip out of your clothes for a gentle bath and soak your soft sweet body. Your mind begins to wander as you start to realize that I am up to something special, something interesting, something adventurous.

After about ½ an hour the phone rings and a strangers voice tells you to get out and go to our bedroom, open the boxes under the bed and put on what is inside.

In the first box is a black, seamless plunge cropped Bustier and a pair of very shear black lace panties, Garter and a sweet sweet set of silk stockings.
The second box contained a lovely little black dress that dropped just above the knee in front and tapered a little farther in the back. Sleeveless with a plunged neck line and a pair of knee high back lace Black Corset boots with a 3 inch spike heel. You attire yourself in your new outfit and admire yourself in the mirror. “Damn I look fine” you think to yourself. Suddenly the phone rings again. The voice says “Your ride is out front”. You get in the Limo and it drives you of to the lobby entrance of our favorite Hotel.
The Limo stops to let you out and as you try to pay him; he shakes his head “no” and instead passes you a room key in an envelope mark 208.

You go up to the room open the door. It is dimly light. A soft voice says “Hi, I’m Carol” Oskar will be up in a minute”. He wants us to get acquainted first. Carol gets off the bed and comes over to you. She is a Lovely blond much like yourself, 5’4”, 36C, with a nice firm tight ass. She is wearing light blue shear push up bra with matching stockings and shear Brazilian Tanga V-string panties with a pair of black ankle wrap stiletto sandals.
She walks over and touches you softly thru your clothes and kisses you gently on the neck giving you a soft lick up to your ear. She runs her hand down your side and slips it up under your sleek black dress. Caressing your now ever moistening pussy thru your silky black panties. Pulling them to the side under your dress she begins to rub your clit and slides a finger into your pussy while her other hand is now playing with your tight ass. You respond by clasping your hand behind her head and giving her a deep wet kiss. Darting your tongue deep inside her mouth to taste her.

She now starts to remove your dress, pulling it off your shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. you step out of it and are now standing together your bodies pressed close together, kissing , touching feeling each others heat and wetness. You move over to the bed where you strip off each others wet panties and find yourselves quickly in a Sixty nine position. Fingering and licking at each others pussy and throbbing clits.

You are so into each other licking and sucking, fingering and fondling that you don’t even notice the door to the adjoining room open. Thru the dimness towards the bed comes Paul, a tall, well hung Jamaican and Peter, an Italian also pretty well hung.
I come in behind them so that there are now 5 of us in the room.
Peter softly says “Hello ladies”, “Its time for some serious fun” You recognize him as the voice on the phone and become even wetter as you know realize what is about to unfold.

Stripping off their clothes Peter and Paul join yourself and Carol on the bed.
I stand by to watch and video the Sexcaped as it all begins to unfold.
Peter and Paul crawl up on the bed beside you as Carol moves away to allow them total access to you as they begin to enjoy your mouth, your pussy and your ass.
You take 1 hard cock in your mouth and begin to stroke the other with your soft subtle hands. First sucking and stroking 1 and then the other. Peter now moves behind you and pushes his hard throbbing cock deep inside your pussy and begins to fuck you deep and slow while you still suck and stroke Paul’s ridged cock. Your eyes shift to look towards me now to see what I am doing and you notice that Carol has come over to kneel before me and satisfy her hunger by sucking on my hard throbbing cock while I watch and tape the three of you on the bed. Paul now withdraws himself from your sweet lips as Peter rolls you on your side with his cock still firmly in your ass. Now Paul lays up close in front of you’re a shoves his long hard Jamaican cock in your pussy, thrusting it deep inside you.
The both of them now start hammering away at you thrusting and slamming their Thick hard cocks inside your pussy and ass. The sensation of and excitement of have both your ass and pussy filled with cock and being fucked hard Deep and fast finally takes its toll on you and you exasperate yourself with one massive orgasm.

Having preformed the task they had came to do both peter and Paul get up , gather their clothes and make their exit out the adjoining room door.

As you lay there semi exhausted, you watch as Carol continues to suck and stroke my hard cock. I turn off the cam and put it down on the table. Stand Carol up and then bend her over the chair in a position such that you can easily watch my now throbbing hard cock penetrate her ass as I begin to fuck her hard. I am so horny after watching you get screwed hard by 2 strangers while a beautiful blond is sucking my cock. I slam my cock into Carol’s ass hard and deep while she feverishly rubs her clit with her fingers. I can feel myself ready to explode, my cock beginning to pulse, my balls aching to release my load of warm cum. I pull myself out of her a let it go, spewing across her back and ass, so that you can see me cum. Mmmm…what a large an awesome cum it is.

Carol now picks up her things and exit also thru the adjoining door into the next room where Paul and peter are still awaiting her arrival.

I come over to the bed. Kiss you softly. Pat you and the ass and say” Happy Birthday Babe”

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