A lesson in seduction (letter 1)  

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1/18/2006 8:31 pm

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A lesson in seduction (letter 1)

Hmmm...Well...Where to start. We really enjoyed meeting you last night. You looked a little nervous at first but seemed to relax rather quickly. So ..Curious and I were thinking that it would be very nice to meet again on the weekend of the 27th. The thought of the 3 of us together is very appealling and gets the mind wandering ...thinking...fantasizing.
And here is a thought to give you a taste of what we have in mind;

We get a room at your motel..Invite you down for a drink , 1 leads to 2...2 to 3..Getting to know each other a little better with every drink. The more we know, the more comfortable things get. Your sitting between us. Curious leans over and kisses you on the lips...You kiss her back. Her hand touches you on the belly and it gives you a shiver. You kiss again...I sit and watch excitedly and patiently. Waiting...watching...wanting. Seeing the two of you together is very erotic , exciting , enticing. I would love to join, but the two of you look so natural so at ease with this new found experience. Curious puts her hands on your waist, slowly , softly, seductivly , She moves her hands up under your shirt, softly carressing you as she continues to kiss you full on the lips and taste you.With her hands now under your arms She raises you up. As the two of you stand she raises your shirt over your head exposing your beautiful breasts, hidden slightly beneath a shear black,lacey bra. Mmmm...what a beautiful sight. She unclasps your bra to free what was once barely hidden. They are beautiful. Slowly lowering her head and lips to your breast she takes on of your nipples between her lips and slowly sucks and tease your now erect nipples. As I watch , I become very aroused, Very aroused indeed. My cock is now so swollen and hard I feel my jeans will explode at any minute. I rub myself thru them. The head is so hot, my shaft so ridgid. I raise my self up to join the 2 of you.As i join in I immediatly lower myself to my knees , kissing you on the naval and slowly undoing and lower your jeans.. I continue kissing your belly working my way down to your inner thigh.. I kiss and tongue your inner thigh..you sigh in anticiption...while Curious continues to lick and suck your nipples.. I gently flick your clit with my tongue..you gasp as a spasm flows through your body. I lick your clit...gently inserting a finger into your wet and swollen pussy. I stand up and Curious and I lead you to the bed..gently lying you down on your back. Curious moved down to your pussy and started to lick you...probing your pussy with her tongue...I reach down and kiss you...simutaneoulsy massaging your breasts...pinching your nipples. Your so excited now...moaning in pleasure..thrusting your hips up to meet Curious's tongue. She stops and reaches over for the vibrating egg..it hums invitingly.She licks the egg moistening it and rubs it agains your swollen clit...the vibrations on your clit are fantastic....your moaning louder now...she inserts the egg into your pussy moving it in deeper and turning up the vibrations...Curious reaches down and continues sucking on your clit... Your so horny now thrusting your hips you grab Curious's head and push her head into your pussy.She inserts a finger into your pussy and starts finger fucking you...she then inserts two. I reach down and start sucking your nipples tugging on them with my teeth...You are on the brink of cumming...so much stimulation at one time. The egg humming deep in your pussy....Curious sucking on your clit and thrusting her fingers into your pussy...and me...sucking your nipples. You let out a gasp bucking up and cumming in her mouth...she tastes your sweet nectar...lapping it up.

Hmmm...Its just a thought that crossed our minds. What do ya think....maybe? Sure hope so )

Oskar & Curious

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